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Leading Blockchain Solutions Await

Get expert support from a top blockchain consulting and development team. We’re here to help you elevate your blockchain projects with our comprehensive solutions.

Expert Blockchain Design

Create intuitive, engaging user experiences with a team ranked top 15 on Dribbble and named best global blockchain consultant by Clutch.

Staff Augmentation & MVPs

Support your blockchain app development or build an MVP with top Node.js developers ranked by Clutch.

CustomGPT for Community & Protocol

Enhance interactions and streamline operations with AI-powered assistants integrated with your blockchain.

Partner with 10Clouds

Boost your portfolio with innovative blockchain solutions, equipping your investments with the latest technology and strategic support.

Tokenize Real-World Assets

Increase liquidity and access to capital by digitizing physical assets on the blockchain.

GenAI & Blockchain Integration

Create cutting-edge applications by merging AI capabilities with blockchain technology.

10Clouds is the Largest Blockchain Software Development Company in Europe

For startups, ecosystems, and enterprises aiming for market success, we're your ally.

Our mission is simple: to scale your product and lead you to victory using our deep blockchain expertise in design, development, and strategy.

With us, it's not just about reaching the market—it's about setting new benchmarks, together.

Your Comprehensive Gateway to Blockchain Development Services

Our services are designed to streamline your journey to market success, ensuring your blockchain project not only launches but thrives. From bespoke design to seamless integration and beyond, we provide the expertise and support you need to innovate confidently and lead in your space.

Design Studio for Blockchain Companies

Stand out in the crowded blockchain space with our comprehensive branding services, including UI/UX design and audits, ensuring your platform leaves a lasting impression.

Private & Public Blockchain Integration

Whether you need the security of private blockchains or the openness of public ones, we seamlessly integrate the blockchain technology into your project for enhanced efficiency and trust.

Infrastructure & Node Setup

Build on a solid foundation with our infrastructure and node setup services. Drawing on our experience with projects like Aleph Zero, we ensure your custom blockchain operates smoothly and reliably.

NFT Marketplace & Collections

We help you launch your own NFT marketplace, turning your digital assets into valuable commodities that attract users and allow you to capitalize on blockchain app development.

Real World Assets (RWA)

Our blockchain application development services extend to tokenizing RWA, making them accessible and liquid through blockchain technology and opening new avenues for financial services and investment.

Mobile Blockchain Applications

From secure wallets to efficient exchanges and beyond, our custom blockchain app development ensures your users have secure, seamless access to your services on any blockchain network.

Why 10Clouds is Your Best Choice for Blockchain Technology Development

Choose 10Clouds for a partnership where your blockchain project isn't just built, but is nurtured to lead and redefine the market.

European Blockchain Leaders
Our expert team brings your crypto ambitions to life, handling complex projects with unmatched skill.
Award-Winning Design
Top 30 globally on Dribbble for product design, we craft visually stunning, user-centric designs that set your project apart.
Complete Blockchain Solutions
From DeFi Smart Contract Development to NFT marketplace launches, we offer everything you need for blockchain development.
Proven Track Record
With successes like Moon Mortgage, our track record in delivering innovative blockchain solutions ensures your project's success.
Strategic Partnerships
Our partnerships with industry leaders expand your network and resources, laying a strong foundation for scaling your blockchain business.
Full Blockchain Assistance
Our blockchain experts guide you from planning to maintaining market share, offering top-tier solutions and strategic advice.

It can run fast, but can it fly? Let's talk business.


Selected Success Stories

A brand new app makes a big splash when it first comes out. But little do people know about what goes on behind the scenes during the development process, which is where the idea takes shape. See how things turned out with the projects we helped grow.


We developed a blockchain-based stock exchange for DCLEX, focusing on secure and transparent trading. Our team created a unique brand identity, intuitive UX/UI, and a responsive web app using ReactJS and Python, hosted on AWS, ensuring asset security with Ethereum.

Product Discovery
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We built a high-yield crypto savings app for Crescent, handling front-end development, UX, and product design. The app offers up to 6% APY, converts deposits to USDC, and features boosts and scheduled investments, promoting significant user engagement and growth.

Web Development
Mobile Development
Mobile Development
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Aleph Zero

We partnered with Aleph Zero to set up their AWS infrastructure, enabling scalable blockchain networks. Our DevOps team ensured seamless deployment for their development, testnet, and mainnet, supporting Aleph Zero's rapid growth and successful blockchain solutions launch.

Aleph Zero assets

Strengthening Your Blockchain Vision: Our Key Partnerships

Our partnerships are more than just names; they're a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in the blockchain space. With 10Clouds, you're backed by a network that's as dedicated to your project's success as you are.

Outlier Ventures

Teaming up with Outlier Ventures, we accelerate your blockchain project with insights and resources that cut through the noise, ensuring rapid, impactful development.

Aleph Zero

Our partnership with Aleph Zero equips our development team with advanced, secure blockchain infrastructure, enabling us to build blockchain platforms that are not just scalable but also bulletproof.

Web3 Foundation

Aligning with the Web3 Foundation, we're pushing the boundaries of decentralization, ensuring your project is built on the most innovative and secure technology available.


By collaborating with Polygon, we leverage their efficient Ethereum scaling solutions, making your blockchain solution faster, more cost-effective, and eco-friendly.


Partnering with Stripe, we integrate cutting-edge payment technologies into your platforms, ensuring transactions are seamless and expansive.


Teaming up with AWS, we elevate your projects with robust cloud infrastructure, ensuring scalability, security, and innovation at every step.

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How We Deliver Your Custom Blockchain Solutions

Our Agile approach ensures your project is developed with a clear focus on product value.

We cover every phase of your crypto and blockchain solution, from strategy to market dominance.

Learn how in our Agile Playbook.


We focus on understanding your unique challenges and goals to define a solution.


We verify the initial product strategy for the market with our future customers.


We deliver your product and prepare metrics to validate the assumptions.


We scale and optimize your blockchain solution, managing an expanding user base.


Our priority is ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining a strong market presence.

"10Clouds doesn't just do what they’re told to do; they really think about the product, code, and solution, and they recommend their own improvements. They do so even without any input from us, which just demonstrates more ownership on their behalf, makes our lives easier, and makes for a better outcome to the whole product."
Krzysztof Karski
VP of Engineering at Qenta
Dennis Van der Vecht picture
Dennis Van der Vecht
Head of Sales, Blockchain & Web3

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Adding the right pieces to your tech stack is a key part of making your project a success. We have everything you need to build and keep up your product and make sure it gets noticed.



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Dennis Van der Vecht picture
Dennis Van der Vecht
Head of Sales, Blockchain & Web3

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