Frontend and JavaScript Resources for Back-end Developers

27.06.2017 | 4 min read

Get new insight into front-end solutions and JavaScript using these tutorials, blogs and tools.

If you’re a back-end developer with a few projects under your belt, you have probably realised that understanding front-end programming can help you contribute to the product better. It enables you to see the bigger picture of the app’s structure and pick the most optimal solutions in your code. But not all resources on frontend and JavaScript. Here’s a list of some of the web’s best frontend and JavaScript resources for any curious back-end developer.

Absolute Basics

Web Developer Roadmap 2017

Web Developer Roadmap on Github by Kamran Ahmed

This quick, visual representation of the paths to development, frontend, backend and devops, can help you put together a checklist of the technological know-how needed for each area. See how and when different technologies enter the equation.

Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke

For the beginning user, it’s hard to find a really good basic textbook, but this modern take on programming with JavaScript comes pretty close. With easily understandable chapters and plenty of explanation, this book takes you from the basics of values through the complexities of forms and provides do-it-yourself material to help you put concepts into practice.

Quick Guide to CSS for Back-End Developers

Quick Guide on 10Clouds Blog by Marta Sztybor

Of course, before you ever get to the pretty front-end stuff, you want to make absolutely sure your back-end functions the way it should. That’s where this quick guide comes in. It walks you through some of the fastest debugging methods and talks about different ways to display information.

Top Tutorials for Getting Started with React

Modern JavaScript with React

Modern JavaScript with React by Andrew Farmer

Building quick and user-friendly interfaces may start with a more expansive knowledge of React, a JavaScript library developed specifically for this purpose. This overview offers a list of 5 tutorials, all with a nice overview and plenty of sample coding to help you get started.

JavaScript Allonge the “Six” Edition

JavaScript Allonge the “Six” Edition by Reginald Braithwaite

Without asking questions like which is better, JavaScript Allonge provides a deep look at JavaScript starting with that most basic of programming concepts–values and expressions. This book covers all of the basic building blocks of JavaScript, without telling you what to use and when or making any judgments about the best way to accomplish a task, beyond the desire for simplicity.

If You Want to Dig Deeper…

Bite-size Video Tutorials for Bad Ass Web Developers

Bite-size Video Tutorials for Bad Ass Web Developers by Various authors

Get front-end solutions delivered in real time as subject-area experts solve problems, in short, focused tutorials. These condensed lessons break down front-end tools and frameworks into easily digested content that you can see in action.

React in Patterns

React in Patterns by Krasimir Tsonev

Remember React? This list of designs and techniques used in React development can help you find a shortcut to a finished design. Find the information you need quickly and tailor it for your unique, user interface.

Full Stack Redux Tutorial

Full Stack Redux Tutorial by Tero Parviainen

A simplified API and immutable data combine to create Redux, an exciting addition to the JavaScript landscape. Learn how to design both front and back-end solutions using this streamlined development option in combination with React.

The SoundCloud Client in React + Redux

The SoundCloud Client in React + Redux by Robin Wieruch

Sometimes, you really need to see something in action to appreciate its utility and limitations. This tutorial provides exactly that with step-by-step instructions for creating an app using the SoundCloud API.

JavaScript Stack from Scratch

JavaScript Stack from Scratch by Jonathan Verrecchia

Get all of the JavaScript tutorials you need to build a scalable web app in one place. This list of tutorials includes Node, Babel, ES6, React, Redux, Express, Socket.IO, Bootstrap, JSS, Travis and more.

Clean Code JavaScript

Clean Code JavaScript by Ryan McDermott

There’s no one way to write code, but this guide offers some generally accepted (not universally) rules that can help you get started.

Over to You

We hope our list of resources helped you learn JavaScript faster and understand it better. What’s your opinion about these guides? Would you suggest any other resource we should add to this list? Tell us in a comment!

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