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Slack and Google iOS Integrations Help with Team Building!

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On Hackdays, 10Clouds team members have an opportunity to put their everyday projects aside and come up with new ideas to improve 10Clouds as a company. It can be anything: web and mobile apps, product flow improvements, office interiors, marketing… Let me introduce the winner of our Fall 2016 Hackday: Party Parrot – a convenient contact list and office directory for iOS that will save you from lonely days at an empty office.

Party Parrot is an iOS and Android app created by 10Clouds Poznań team. When there are just a few people working together from one location, it often happens that someone spends the whole day alone because s/he wasn’t aware that all the others were going to be out of the office – either working from home or being away on holidays. The app solves this problem and keeps everyone up to date with their office schedule, quickly and easily.

Alone at the office? Not anymore!

Slack and Google iOS Integrations Help with Team Building!

Party Parrot utilises data generated in timeION, our working time management app, and Google Calendar, enabling you to:

  • Change your working status in timeION. It takes only 3 taps!
  • Quickly check your mate’s availability set in timeION, even up to a few weeks ahead. This one is useful not only for teams working from small offices, but also for project managers to have a quick overview of their team members’ schedule.
  • Make sure you have no important meetings before you decide to work from home.
  • Stay always up to date thanks to push notifications in the app and on Slack. Apart from the standard notifications about changing statuses, you will also get a “Home Alone Alert” if the rest of your team is off or working from home.

Even more goodies to stay in touch

Slack and Google iOS Integrations Help with Team Building!

On top of the features fulfilling the basic purpose of Party Parrot, there are a few conveniences to make a user’s schedule more organised:

  • Custom team creator. You can create and save your own teams, e.g. Project team, My Cooking Team, Remote office team, or just roommates team.
  • Contact list. You can follow anyone you want, not necessarily from your office.
  • Spotlight integration. Calling anyone from 10Clouds takes just a few taps.
  • User search by role: Designer, Developer, Project Manager – find the person you need in a snap.
  • New people. Easily check who has recently joined the company and take a peek at their introduction emails.
  • Out to lunch. Check what’s for lunch at your favorite restaurant (the feature is still in beta).


Do you like the idea of Party Parrot? Would you find it useful at your organisation? If yes, feel free to share the post. Thanks!

by Kasia Kramnik, Senior Content Manager

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