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15.05.2023 | 4 min read

Chief Commercial Officer Recruitment

10Clouds’ mission is to change the world through technology, and we recognize that we're at a pivotal moment in history. As AI reshapes industries and transforms the way we live and work, we are committed to harnessing its potential to drive positive change. We’re looking for a seasoned Chief Commercial Officer to join us as we embark on this transformative journey, pushing boundaries, and creating innovative solutions that will shape the future of software products and businesses’ effectiveness. Together, we can make a lasting impact and propel the world forward into a new era of possibilities.

With that in mind, I asked Małgorzata Pietraszewska, our Management Board Member for People, Sales and Marketing to tell us about her vision for this role, and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Welcome Małgorzata.

What is the vision for the CCO’s role at 10Clouds?

We’re looking for a new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) – a seasoned leader with an effectiveness fixation and entrepreneurial mindset who will take our growth efforts to new heights. This person will be responsible for driving 10Cloud's commercial strategy, ensuring revenue growth, and maximizing our market share. As a key member of the executive team, they will also play a vital role in shaping our future by capitalizing on the potential of AI solutions, and other new opportunities in the market.

This is an exciting role for many reasons, one of the main ones being a potential for fast career development.

In the very near future, we see this person joining our Board. In the medium-term, our co-founders are planning to take on more non-executive roles, which means that we’ll also be looking for someone to take on the role of a Managing Director/CEO – and this role should certainly be considered as a perfect stepping stone towards this position.

What skills would the ideal candidate possess?

The ideal candidate for this role will have a proven track record of successful business consultancy and selling digital services in the US and Western Europe, including to large companies, showcasing their ability to navigate complex sales cycles and deliver exceptional results.

10Clouds top performers are doers, so more than just experience, we are seeking a strategist with a hands-on, entrepreneurial mindset. We need someone who thrives in dynamic environments, quickly spots opportunities and happily adapts to changes.

At 10Clouds, we value an iterative approach. We need someone who, next to having a general vision of the long-term goal, is willing to swiftly implement ideas, learn from their outcomes, and make changes to optimize results. This approach allows us to stay responsive to market dynamics, continuously improve our offerings, and to drive innovation.

In this fast-paced industry, we seek a passionate leader who can not only meet but exceed expectations. We want someone who is driven to push the boundaries of what's possible, constantly seeking new avenues for growth and not afraid to make bold decisions to propel the company forward.

How do you see 10Clouds evolving over the next 5 years?

10Clouds has always swiftly adapted to market changes. We focused on DeFi over the past 3 years and became the first DeFi software powerhouse in Europe. Quickly implementing our strategy, we became renowned as the best Blockchain consultancy in the world (Clutch, Manifest - 2022). Towards the end of last year, it became obvious that 2023 would be a huge year for AI, which is why we’ve made a decisive move towards this market focus.

Our goal is to make the most of the AI revolution, which will likely change the face of the market long term.

We’ve already made a number of internal changes to prepare for it, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this transformative wave. Our team has been actively upskilling and expanding our expertise in AI technologies to ensure that we can deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients. With our strong foundation in DeFi and Blockchain product design and development and the current market context to utilize our AI expertise, we are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive and innovative digital services to meet the evolving needs of our clients in various industries.

What would you say to anyone who’s thinking about applying?

Please reach out to me for an informal chat about the role, the culture at 10Clouds and the long-term vision.

This pivotal position offers a unique chance to be at the forefront of innovation, shaping the company's commercial direction and propelling its success in the digital era. We’re waiting to hear from you!

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