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With a UX Design team, you’ll be able to tackle all the needs of your users and business by applying various processes that also take the quality of the interaction into consideration. The ultimate goal is to create a great user experience, thus driving your sales.

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We make the effort to get to know you

When conducting a UX Audit, we’ll never just take your product at face value. We’ll take a very thorough brief, including information about your market and the sector within which you work, as well as your stage of development and your plans for the future. All of this means that we’ll be able to offer you very tailored advice.

UX audits

This is the process of pinpointing areas of improvement of your existing digital product that will reveal which parts of the site are causing issues for users or blocking them from achieving goals.

Simply put, the UX audit will help uncover what is working, what is not, why it’s not working, and how to improve it.

We have three types of UX Audits to help evaluate your product.

Rapid UX Audit, which is to be used to conduct a quick review of the solution
Cognitive Walkthrough, to be used for conducting a review of specific user stories or goals
Heuristics Evaluation, to be used to review and compare the solution against well-understood usability principles

Real-life example

We recently conducted a UX Audit of HBO GO, after having read about the number of users falling drastically following the end of a very popular series. The aim was to uncover what were the issues and how much they were impacting the experience from start to finish. For this example, we applied the Heuristics Evaluation to uncover the issues.

If you’re curious to know the details, click below to read the UX Audit in full.


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