Pinterest: How Small Projects Can Make an Impact

14.01.2015 | 2 min read

Ever heard of something called Pinterest? Of course you have! Pinterest’s definition of themselves is “The world’s biggest collection of everybody’s favorite things”, which actually is a bullseye description of what they’re all about: As a user you can create boards and pin interesting things on them, it works like a visual bookmark for good stuff that you can find either on the web or right on Pinterest itself. You can also share your ideas and pictures with everybody else making this tool a creative hot pot of ideas, inspirations and dreams. Pinterest has more than 70 million users worldwide, which makes it one of the biggest social medias out there.
One of the main features of Pinterest is the ability to “Pin” different things that inspire or interest you onto your board. You can have a huge amount of different boards and categorize your “Pins” as you please.

So what’s the connection between Pinterest and 10Clouds? Well, the ability to “Pin” things not only in the Pinterest app but out on the web and in different browsers is very crucial for the idea itself, and 10Clouds received a request to make this feature, called “Pin it” available and working in Internet Explorer. The main criteria was to create this extension faster than lightning, and 10Clouds took on the challenge.

Two weeks later the extension was created and implemented and has been performing very well for millions of Internet Explorer users that have used Pinterest ever since.

This is an example of a small, quick and not so complicated project that is still of high importance and a result that everyone is happy with:

“It’s been over a year since 10Clouds completed the extension, and it’s been performing admirably since then. Great work!” – Michael Yamartino from Pinterest

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