Working in the 10Clouds Sales Team

12.11.2020 | 5 min read

At 10Clouds, we’re on a mission to help clients change the world through technology. But what does this mean in practice? How do we acquire clients, work to understand what they’re trying to achieve and ultimately ensure that their products are successful?

Below, I’d like to give you a little insight into the work of our Sales Team, the different roles within it and how we interact with companies around the world.

Remote or in office?

We’ve always been a hybrid team, working partly in the office, and partly from home, which enables us to get the perfect mix of focus, and team interaction. With the current climate, our work has shifted to almost full remote mode, but importantly, this has had no negative impact on our client relationships.

Working with international clients

We work with clients from all parts of the globe, which means that we need to be flexible with the timing of our meetings.

In most cases, we can find a time that works for both parties, within our regular working day, but occasionally we might take an evening or early morning call and then adjust our hours accordingly.

Our Team Goals

Our main goal is to turn 10Clouds into a client centric company with long-term client relationships, proper account plans, and a strong, capable sales team.

We want to increase our revenue by 40% in 2021 and are particularly looking to build our FinTech and Scale Up service lines. Our main goal is to turn 10Clouds into a client centric company with long-term client relationships, proper account plans, and a strong, capable sales team. We want to better measure our sales output and improve and optimize our sales pipeline. Another ambition is to grow a business development team to open up new lead sources for us.

The different roles on the team

Below, you can find a short introduction to our team members and get an overview of the work that we do.

Dennis Van der Vecht - Sales Team Leader

What I do in a nutshell: I manage our sales team and day-to-day operations. I am responsible for the sales team results and total revenue target. I coordinate our efforts, report to the management team and co-create our sales strategy. Together with HR I recruit the right talents for our team and extend our partner network where possible. I manage a profile of key accounts and support my team where possible with solving any bench situations and more generally with workload.

The best thing about my job: Working together with a strong and dedicated sales and management team in order to structure our efforts in a way to 1. Increase our revenue and 2. Provide the right value to our existing network & clients.

Anna Rogowska - Account Manager/Customer Success Manager

What I do in a nutshell: I work with both new clients and those who are with us for some time now. I ensure that we have a healthy partnership, all their project needs are covered and sometimes I support them with decision making. It is like hacking the reality a lot. You have to strike the balance between flexibility and rules on a daily basis. I love technical calls when I can learn more about the newest technologies but I also have some years of experience as a PM, so I can support clients, having had background knowledge of how some issues can be solved before we will even sign a contract. You need some negotiation skills, a good sense of humor and a lot of empathy.

The best thing about my job: Every day is different. In our team we are very supportive, but there is also a place to follow your own path of growth, to show your special powers and to change a perspective on some of the ways in which we work. I love learning new things and solving issues and I have to say that I’m amazed how I grew in our department. If you are into a stable work routine - this work is just not for you, mate (but we have some regular meetings of course)!

Edgar Czop - Design Account Executive

What I do in a nutshell: I am responsible for design leads and projects. Our design team at 10Clouds has wide-ranging experience and can offer support with a diverse range of services, including - UX, product design, 2D/3D illustrations and animations. This is why we get a number of requests from clients for various projects. The biggest stream of design leads comes from Dribbble after prospective clients review our design shots on the platform - this is why I must always have a good understanding of the newest design trends and design process.

The best thing about my job: I can focus on helping our clients with the visual part of their products and making their project transparent and easy-to-use for their end-users.

Justyna Kobylińska - Sales Support Specialist

What I do in a nutshell: I work on analysing all the sales requests that come in, doing the initial sift to see which ones we can support with, before passing these on to other members of the sales team. Where I don’t have enough information from a prospective client, I will get in touch with them to ask for more details about their digital product.

The best thing about my job: I love liaising with clients from all over the world and seeing the range of different requests that come through to us. It’s amazing to see the innovative ideas that companies have!

We would love for you to join us! We’re a super friendly, hard-working and dedicated team. Do we sound like we could be your next work colleagues? We would love to have you on board!

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