The Unique Strengths of Backend Engineering at 10Clouds

04.07.2024 | 5 min read

Backend engineering is the invisible magic that powers your favorite apps and websites. At 10Clouds, we excel in this critical area. Today, we’re diving into what makes our backend engineering team exceptional with insights from Paweł Kondys, our Backend Team Leader

Paweł, can you tell us about your journey with 10Clouds?

Paweł: I joined 10Clouds in 2017, so it's been almost seven years now. I started as a mid-senior Python developer and have since progressed to a Senior Developer, then a Team Leader. Essentially, I represent the backend team in the business, ensuring that our technical solutions align with our clients’ needs and goals. Day-to-day this means taking part in project status updates, resourcing, recruitment, and delivery meetings.

What sets 10Clouds' backend engineering team apart?

Paweł: Our biggest strength is our people.

We have an exceptionally skilled team of specialists, particularly in Python frameworks like Django, Django REST Framework, Flask, and FastAPI. Our engineers are not only experts in these frameworks but also have deep knowledge in database management and optimizing large-scale services.

This expertise allows us to take projects from MVP to fully-fledged scalable solutions efficiently. Moreover, many of our Python experts are also proficient in other languages like C++, providing a broader perspective and offering alternative solutions to our clients – which may prove more cost and time-effective.

Can you elaborate on the experience level within your team?

Paweł: Absolutely. Our team is composed of highly experienced professionals,. The minimum amount of experience is 4.5 years, and we've worked across a wide range of industries including EdTech, MedTech, Finance, and Blockchain. This diverse experience enables us to tackle complex challenges, as we know what works and what doesn’t in different contexts and for different audiences.

How does 10Clouds approach client relationships, particularly during the initial stages of a project?

Paweł: Building strong client relationships is crucial for us.

We conduct technical workshops at the beginning of our projects, which are incredibly beneficial. These workshops allow us to understand the client's vision, validate their concept, and often suggest more efficient or longer-lasting solutions.

It's also a chance to showcase our expertise and build trust from the outset.

For example, we recently had a client who wanted to combine Tinder, WhatsApp, Chat GPT and a 3D avatar. Plus, they aimed to launch the app in three months.

The workshops showed us that there’s a real need to set expectations when it comes to technical functionality and also timescales for launch. However, we also got to hear all of the client's ideas and asked why certain features were important to them. Sometimes, the most important thing is to make a client realize that something isn't possible or not worth the time and money it would take to make.

Overall, I think workshops give developers a clear vision of the product. It’s easier to plan the work afterwards compared to joining a project after just reading the documentation and then finding out that you and the client understand the same document differently.

Q: Speaking of MVPs, how quickly can 10Clouds deliver a Minimum Viable Product, and what is your approach?

Paweł: We are very fast at delivering MVPs, which is one of our key strengths. The average creation time is just under a month.

But the key areas of focus for us are not so much the speed, but the functionality and scalability. Currently, we're working on an MVP for a logistics company product which facilitates counterparty onboarding. While the MVP focuses on immediate functionality, we design it with scalability in mind, so it can naturally evolve into a fully-fledged product. This approach helps our clients demonstrate the potential for expansion to key stakeholders and therefore gain new rounds of funding.

Q: How does your team leverage AI in backend development?

Paweł: These days AI permeates our work, and programming is no exception. At 10Clouds, we started using it early on to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our code. We use tools like GitHub Copilot to streamline repetitive programming tasks, such as writing unit tests and documentation. This allows our engineers to focus on more complex and higher-value tasks.

We also use AI tools such as CodiumAI and JetBrains AI assistants for generating tests in Python, Node.js, and React environments. These tools automate the creation of test cases, identify bugs, and ensure code reliability. They can quickly generate comprehensive test suites and suggest improvements, thereby accelerating development and reducing the manual effort required.

In addition to these third-party tools, we have developed a custom test assistant based on the OpenAI GPT-4 model. This AI agent facilitates the creation, execution, and management of unit tests, ensuring our code is robust and reliable.

Q: What can prospective clients expect when working with 10Clouds' backend engineering team?

Paweł: Clients can expect a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering top-quality solutions.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to understanding our clients’ vision and goals, and we use our technical expertise to provide efficient and scalable solutions.

We have supported the development of many market-recognized products, and innovation and progress are ingrained in our DNA.

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