Our Year in Review – Accomplishments Of 2015

14.01.2016 | 4 min read

2015 has come to pass, how was it for 10Clouds? This is my look back at the year in 5 major areas. In my opinion, it was a good year and I would like to tell you what we managed to achieve.

We grew from 38 to 70 people

Last year we made an announcement that we wanted to grow our company to between 60-80 employees by the end of 2015. It turned out that our ambitious target was achieved before Christmas 2015 because at that time, we had 70 people on board.

This represents a 80% year on year growth and during this period we’ve done more than build out our development team. We’ve also managed to set up a strong 8 person design team, a real-deal marketing team and a project management office.

3 new offices

We now have 3 offices in three different polish cities. While our main hub is still in Warsaw, we are expanding in Wrocław and Poznań as well. We’ve also started expanding our office in Warsaw and doubled the amount of square meters within it. Our plan is to focus on dedicated rooms for our different project teams instead of having the traditional open space solution. We will also have many areas where people can go to clear their minds, such as our garden or game room.

24 active projects

At the end of 2015 we had 24 active projects for customers from three different continents (over half of our clients are based in North America). All of this required serious effort on our part and in terms of numbers, we did 24888 commits and sent 843.000 messages on Slack in 2015.

We have grown significantly, but it was really important for us to maintain the same level of quality we had in 2014.

How did we do? During 2015, 10Clouds received two awards from Clutch (Top Mobile App and Top Software and Web Developer in Poland), which are based on positive reviews from our clients. Furthermore, around 50% of our new business came from recommendations. This is a fact that I appreciate most, as we must be doing something right in order for that to happen…

Our website traffic grew by almost 600%

We’ve managed to boost our webpage impressions by exactly 580,97% in comparison to 2014. At the same time, our blog readers have increased 7-fold and we’ve had the pleasure to publish 34 posts from 20 different 10Clouds contributors. Our most popular blog post of the year even made our servers shake for a few hours when it got into the top of Hackernews!

From an HR perspective, 1200 people applied to our company in the latter half of 2015 and we’ve managed to hand out 420 delicious cupcakes and 400 boxes of popcorn to a combined reach of 12.000 people at many interesting IT events throughout the year.

Workshops and other events

From a technical perspective we’ve managed to organize 3 internal Hackdays where a total of 18 new projects were created. We also organized and hosted 2 Acodemy workshops, educating 32 attendees (out of 251 applicants) about JavaScript in the process.

We’ve gotten positive feedback from people outside of the company that 10Clouds is a unique place on the devshop map in Poland. Some people even claim that they learn more during our job interviews than during an entire month of work in their regular working place.

This was also the year where we managed to go on our very first company trip. I also started running our very own Board Gaming Club (this week was the 44th time we met and you’re very welcome to join us in the future!). In addition, my business partner Michał’s hiking trips to the Kampinos forest became a regular event in our after work schedule.

Future plans

It has been a great year but not everything is bells and whistles. For instance, we haven’t been able to form our SysAdmin team as planned, we still need to hire more UX designers and we still need to finish up our new office in Warsaw.

In 2016, we will be refining our company structure and focusing on more in-depth analytics of everything from finances and HR to project management, which will allow for further growth of our company. We will also be expanding our HR team and appointing a Head of Engineering to relieve Michał and I of some of our duties.

I would like to thank everyone on our team who managed to make this possible. It is a privilege to work with you all, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for 2016.

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