How we’re Using Neuroscience Findings to boost Employee Satisfaction

19.07.2022 | 5 min read

PRISM brain mapping

Throughout the last couple of months, we’ve discovered that one of the most common reasons 10Clouders change jobs is “career growth opportunities.” In response, we decided to get a better understanding of what this phrase means for our employees and to provide some unique solutions to encourage them to stay longer with us.

First things first! The meaning of a “career growth opportunity”

While managing the performance review process twice a year, we have lots of suitable moments to ask what exactly people need in terms of development. These things might include access to an education budget, attending conferences, becoming a mentor or winning internal awards. But employees at 10Clouds also want to gain meaningful work experience (through the projects they work on), knowing exactly what makes their work (such as implementing a given feature of an app) important, understanding their role in processes and having personalized and purposeful conversations with their leaders. So it’s our goal to make sure that every single 10Clouder is provided with such opportunities.

Creating a culture of high development

No matter how hard teams work to create a strong and positive company culture, it doesn’t have a measurable impact on performance unless The Board is also committed to it. At 10Clouds we started 2022 by establishing that the No. 1 Pillar of the company strategy is People. And that decision opened the doors to enhancing our professional growth through a range of measures. We’ve introduced a tailored development program for leaders, mentoring programs, coaching opportunities and a unique process of self-understanding grounded in neuroscience: PRISM® Brain Mapping.

What you should know about PRISM® Brain Mapping?

PRISM® Brain Mapping is a sophisticated instrument specifically designed to identify the behavioral preferences that directly relate to personal relationships and work performance. It is grounded in neuroscience.

The feedback generated by the tool can help you and your team leader get a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and work, as well as your working style - with the ultimate aim of supporting you to reach your full potential.

PRISM® Brain Mapping is conducted in the form of an online questionnaire. Based on the results, it provides three distinct profiles or ‘maps’ of the individual.

The Three Maps

  • The Underlying Map - A behavioral map showing you how you naturally behave - when you are either totally relaxed and also at times when you’re under stress and you feel no need to manage or control your behavior to present the most appropriate response to your team and the working environment you find yourself in.
  • The Adapted Map - A map showing the behavior pattern that you tend to create to interact with the world at large. It’s described by the PRISM® practitioners as ‘the behavior that you sometimes adopt in order to ‘get the job done.’
  • The Consistent Map - A map of the overall pattern of behavior that they tend to use most of the time. This takes into consideration your responses which are consistent with both your ‘Adapted’  and 'Underlying Maps' and presents a picture of the view that most other people probably have of you.

The report

These maps form part of a personalized report which includes (among others) a detailed overview of your strengths and potential weaknesses, a profile of your work preferences, and a detailed career development analysis. Additionally, you get your mental toughness report understood as behavioral preferences necessary for responding to the challenges of the modern business environment.

As well as profiling individuals, PRISM® can also produce job requirement benchmarks against which candidates can be assessed to check if they’re the right match for the jobs in terms of desired behavior characteristics.

Employers are able to benchmark individuals within teams - and in doing so, evaluate a team’s performance and the quality of interpersonal relationships within the team.

The benefits

For individuals

  • Getting a better understanding of your strengths and abilities
  • Using these insights to plan for the future
  • Mapping yourself against your team to work better together

For team leaders

  • Understanding how different individuals within your team work and adapt your management style to increase motivation and productivity
  • Creating an environment that supports every team member to achieve their full potential

Everyone at 10Clouds is welcome to discuss their findings from a personalized report with a PRISM® practitioner and coach who can support them in defining an individual development plan. We aim to hold our employees accountable for their development and assist them in it.

Value me for my behavioral trait!

PRISM® is a tool based on neuroscience findings from the last 25 years. It has not only been the most accurate diagnostic tool in terms of recruitment effectiveness (96% accuracy) but also a personalized reflection-provoking picture of you - here and now.

At 10Clouds we base the development of our staff not just on their abilities but also on their behavioural traits and needs. Thanks to this, we are able to provide customized development solutions or flexible career progression paths.

We respect the fact that people sense the same reality in different ways. That’s why our ultimate goal is to create a work environment that embraces the mutual understanding of behavioral traits, and various ways of thinking, feeling and being. We want to make people feel valued for their individual way of working and being.

We also aim to learn how to achieve exceptional results in high-developed, accountable, respectful and differently brain-wired teams. And then celebrate the results together!

What’s next?

Introducing PRISM® for individuals is our first step in creating more professional growth opportunities for 10Clouds’ people. Our next step is to focus on making the flexible career matrix customized to business reality and employee needs. We know that working in remote and dispersed teams has led to the blurring of the boundary between work and home life,  and that has made us concentrate on repositioning leaders with coaching skills and strengthening their mental toughness. And last but not least, we keep on broadening our understanding of neurodiversity and its impact on the way we work, build teams and communicate effectively. PRISM® defines what preferences and behavioral traits we represent. This is crucial because unless you understand yourself, you’ll struggle to develop.

Following the core

By implementing PRISM® we stick to the 10Clouds’ core values, particularly effectiveness and humanism. We believe that our people are the lifeblood of our company, and we need to invest in them so that they continue to thrive. We aim to make a difference and give them a reason to stay. PRISM® Brain Mapping is already helping us to achieve this goal.

Does it sound like the perfect workplace for you?

Join our team by applying to one of our job ads or just send us your CV. Who knows, we might be looking for someone with your skillset right now.


PRISM® is the culmination of research into neuroscience and behaviour by a variety of sources which have been used to create PRISM® Brain Mapping - an online behavioural tool , by the team at PRISM® led by Dr Collin Wallace, who has a PhD in Neuroscience and many years experience in providing consultancy services to many of the world's most successful organisations.

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