Drive 10Clouds' growth journey – Join us as our new Senior BDM!

23.05.2023 | 4 min read

At 10Clouds, our long-standing mission is to change the world through technology, and we know that we can only do this by embracing the changing market and revolutionizing the way we deliver our services to clients. As the power of AI reshapes entire industries and redefines the very fabric of businesses, we’re here to make the most of its potential for driving positive change. With an agile mindset ingrained in our approach, we’re constantly analyzing the evolving needs of our clients to ensure we’re offering the very best solutions. Product-market success is at the forefront of our work. We’re currently on the hunt for a new Senior Business Development Manager to propel our sales efforts!

With that in mind, I asked Dennis Van Der Vecht, our Head of Sales, to tell us about his vision for this role, and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Welcome Dennis.

Let's dive into the exciting vision for the Senior BDM role at 10Clouds. What can you share with us?

This role will be crucial in helping us find fresh opportunities in the changing market, identify growth areas and capitalize on new trends. We're on a mission to revolutionize industries through cutting-edge solutions, and the Senior BDM will play a pivotal role in driving growth, forging dynamic client relationships, and helping to put us at the forefront of the technological revolution.

What essential skills and qualities should the ideal candidate possess?

The ideal candidate should have a unique blend of business acumen, outstanding communication skills, and a passion for driving transformative change.

We're looking for someone with a proven track record as a B2B Business Development Manager or Sales Executive in the digital solutions or consulting fields.

It would be great if they already had their own network of contacts in the sector that they would be able to leverage. Also, extensive outbound and prospecting experience, proficiency in CRM software, and a proven ability to build rapport with clients are all top qualities for the role.

Could you share some insights into the planned career progression for individuals joining 10Clouds as a Senior BDM?

At 10Clouds, we're dedicated to delivering value to our clients, and we know that this wouldn’t be possible without a commitment to employee development. People are a key pillar of 10Clouds’ strategy and humanism is one of our core values.

This role would offer you the opportunity to shape the company's sales strategy. We see the newly appointed person as vital in building our service lines in the right geographical areas to appeal to the right target groups. There are a number of different routes for progression – you could become a Sales Team Leader, a ServiceLine/Go-To-Market Business Owner or further down the line – a business consultant. There’s also the possibility to move into Account Management, if this interests you.

Remember also that because we’re working with cutting edge technology, this role offers you the opportunity to gain expertise and make connections with the key changemakers in the worlds of AI and blockchain.

How do you see 10Clouds evolving over the next couple of years?

Our goal is to become a leading force in the AI market and digital business consultancy. We have a strong track record of swift adaptation to new technology trends. We focused on DeFi over the past 3 years and became the first DeFi software powerhouse in Europe (Clutch, Manifest - 2022). Towards the end of last year, it became obvious that 2023 would be a huge year for AI, which is why we have proactively made this a focus of our go-to-market strategy. We’ve embarked on implementing internal changes, upskilling our team, and expanding our expertise in AI technologies to ensure that we stay at the forefront of this wave.

What else would you say to anyone looking to apply?

You’ll join a fantastic, close-knit team and have a real opportunity to make this role your own.

Please reach out to me for an informal chat about the position, the culture at 10Clouds and the long-term vision.

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