10Clouds Wins the SoDA Award for Employer Branding!

06.10.2022 | 4 min read

We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve been recognized by SoDA for our Employer Branding efforts - specifically our ‘Support for all Kinds of Minds’ campaign. It’s an award that means a lot to us, because ‘humanism’ is one of our six core values, and people have always been at the heart of our business. We wanted to tell you a little more about the different elements of our work to support employees’ wellbeing and to ensure that everyone who works at 10Clouds is welcomed into a happy, supportive environment in which they’re able to thrive.

The 10Clouds workation

At 10Clouds, we’ve been working remotely even before the start of the pandemic. We all recognize the benefits of this setup, which include flexibility, improved work-life balance and a greater opportunity to pursue our hobbies. But remote work also means that most of our interactions with colleagues are via video calls, Slack or email.

Until recently, our face-to-face meetings were limited to company parties, team socials and project-specific collaboration in the office. But we increasingly felt that human interaction is also important to our collective wellbeing - it boosts engagement and helps to combat loneliness.

Plus, we enjoy hanging out together! This is why we decided to introduce a twice-yearly workation.

As the name suggests, a workation is a combination of ‘work’ and ‘vacation.’ It’s a chance to spend time in a holiday location with your colleagues. You bring your laptops and work together, but you also have time to socialize, either through organized activities or informal hangouts. It provides the added benefit of a much-needed change of scene from remote work, and it’s good for the soul. We’ve held three workations to date, all of which have been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Our neurodiversity audit

At 10Clouds, we understand that people sense the same reality in different ways - that’s why we’ve defined the ultimate goal: to create a work environment that  embraces the mutual understanding of behavioural traits, and various ways of thinking and being. We want to make people feel valued for their individual, unique traits - and make the most of the fact that both normative and non-normative people have their strengths and weaknesses.

Recently, we were officially recognized as being a neurodiverse-friendly workplace by asperIT following a thorough audit process.

asperIT is an organization which helps companies and people on the autism spectrum to establish a fruitful, mutual cooperation. We’ve been working with them since the start of the year to deliver an internal education campaign for all 10Clouders to help us learn more about neurodiversity.

The audit revealed that: Neuroatypical people (with a special consideration of people with autism spectrum) stand a huge chance to feel good at 10Clouds and effectively realise their professional responsibilities in the work environment that our company creates.

You can read more about the audit outcomes here.

Our partnership with Welbee

It’s been a turbulent year. The second half of 2021, saw many of us breathe a sigh of relief after the turmoil caused by the pandemic. Unfortunately, this proved to be short lived, as February 2022 brought with it the war in Ukraine. This resulted in rising levels of uncertainty and anxiety throughout the world. We wanted to ensure that our employees had someone impartial to speak to about their emotions and that’s when we began working with Wellbee.

Wellbee provides every 10Clouder with:

  • A range of trained and certified therapists with many different specializations
  • In-person or online therapy sessions
  • The ability to hold therapy sessions in a range of different languages.
  • workshops on emotional resilience

The platform has been praised by many team members.

PRISM® Brain Mapping

At 10Clouds we base the development of our staff not just on their abilities but also on their behavioral traits and needs. Thanks to this, we are able to provide customized development solutions or flexible career progression paths. We also aim to learn how to achieve exceptional results in high-developed, accountable, respectful and differently brain-wired teams. And then celebrate the results together!

That’s why we’ve decided to implement PRISM® Brain Mapping, which is a sophisticated report specifically designed to identify the behavioral preferences that directly relate to personal relationships and work performance. It is grounded in neuroscience.

Everyone at 10Clouds is welcome to discuss their findings from a personalized report with a PRISM® practitioner and coach who can support them in defining an individual development plan. We aim to hold our employees accountable for their development and assist them in it. The uptake from the report has already been much higher than expected.

This is just the start of the journey

We’re closely monitoring the impact of all our wellbeing-focused initiatives and we consistently strive to improve and adapt them to meet the changing needs of our employees. People will always be our Nr. 1 priority as a business.

Does it sound like the perfect workplace for you?

Join our team by applying to one of our job ads or just send us your CV. Who knows, we might be looking for someone with your skillset right now.

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