10Clouds Recruitment Process for Developers: How do we #CARE

16.02.2018 | 10 min read

Do you want to join 10Clouds? If yes, that’s great – we are always on a lookout for talented developers! Insights from our employees gathered in this article will help you decide whether our company is a right place for you, and thanks to a few useful tips, you will know what to expect at the job interview.

In 10Clouds, our primary value is CARE, which stands for Care, Agility, Responsibility and Evolution – the cornerstones of our company vision. Not only do we take care of our current staff, but also of our future employees. After all, recruitment process can be stressful, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. We want our candidates to feel comfortable from the very first moment we get in touch with them.

If you think about joining 10Clouds, you surely have a lot of questions. What are the benefits of working with us? How long would it take for you to really feel onboard? Do we offer a proper work environment and a possibility of improving your skills? That’s perfectly fine – everyone asks themselves the same before changing a job. That is why we have prepared this article – it gathers all of the FAQ in one place. The answers aren’t general and broad because we have decided to hand over writing to our developers. Below, you will find real-life stories and impressions shared by our employees. They will help you to get to know 10Clouds better, and reading it will feel like chatting with a friend over a cup of coffee.

The first part focuses on the recruitment process and the first couple of months in 10Clouds. Paweł Kondys (Python Developer), Bartek Bilejczyk (Junior Front-End Developer) and Andrzej Górski (Python Developer) will tell you all about it!

Why have you chosen 10Clouds?

Paweł Kondys: The most important thing to me when I was looking for a new job was the ability to develop my skills, stay in touch with technology, meet interesting people and create great projects. 10Clouds, a company recommended by my trusted friend as a great place, ticked all the boxes.

Bartek Bilejczyk: First of all, I knew 10Clouds as a sponsor of the WarsawJS meetups. When I saw a job offer for the Junior Front-End Developer, I asked three of my friends working for other software houses, what they think about 10Clouds. They said that it’s a great place. Besides, I browsed the company website and their Dribble profile and I was impressed by the design. This was very important, because every Front-End Developer wants to work on a nice design.

What was the most surprising thing to you during the recruitment process?

Andrzej Górski: It’s simple – high quality, productive discussion, which is not a standard, and team’s engagement.

Paweł Kondys: The great atmosphere created by the recruiters allowed me to overcome stress. It was obvious that they weren’t show-offs. I was also surprised by the real life technical questions – they concerned real situations that developers have to deal with when creating professional software.

What advice would you give to people who want to join 10Clouds?

Andrzej Górski: Above all, approach the recruitment calmly – there is nothing to be stressed about. We don’t bite, we want to work with you.

Paweł Kondys: Exactly, and you should treat your interview like a normal discussion with people who share your interests.

Clutch named 10Clouds a leading agency worldwide

Bartek Bilejczyk: Be prepared for the conversation – you have to know why you are here and show your engagement. Sometimes you can make up for your minor technical lacks this way. Before the recruitment, it’s worth a while to browse our website and see what 10Clouds expects from its employees.

Which part of the recruitment process is the most demanding one?

Andrzej Górski: Technical conversation. The level was high – people at 10Clouds are professionals. They know precisely what they are asking about, and all of the questions are important and valuable.

Bartek Bilejczyk: I agree! Ruslan, who is now my mentor, had asked me a few complex questions, but ultimately I managed to answer all of them and it all went well.

The most important thing was ability to develop my skills, stay in touch with technology, meet interesting people and create great projects. 10Clouds ticked all the boxes

And which part is the most pleasant?

Andrzej Górski: Also the technical conversation! It was demanding, but I like challenges!

Paweł Kondys: They were all pleasant, but the HR part with Ania has to get a top spot!

How would you rate the recruitment process?

Andrzej Górski: Very good! The process was clear and none of my questions were left without an answer.

Bartek Bilejczyk: I felt that they treat me well. I appreciated quick responses to my e-mails and phone calls. The atmosphere during our conversations was also very nice.

How did you develop your skills during your work for 10Clouds so far?

Paweł Kondys: The variety of projects that I work on allowed me to look at each of them from a different perspective. My approach became smarter, and I use better technologies now. Working with more experienced people has taught me to face problems in more professional way.

Bartek Bilejczyk: For the last 9 months, I’ve been working on the 10Clouds website. Our Head of Marketing helped me to develop many soft skills, but most of all, I learned a lot about Scrum. Andrej showed me what dailies, sprints and retros are all about. In addition, I’ve also written two posts for our blog – one of them managed to get over 25,000 views and a lot of feedback from other developers. I am really proud of it!

What can you say about work environment in 10Clouds? How do we stand out from other companies?

Andrzej Górski: I love this ideal balance between being serious and joking around. You can feel the willingness to cooperate regardless of who is the boss – we all pursue common goals.

My approach became smarter. Working with more experienced people has taught me to face problems in more professional way

Bartek Bilejczyk: There are many things I value in 10Clouds: the possibility of working remotely, educational budget, and high transparency in terms of finances and career paths. It may seem like a minor thing, but I also adore our kitchen – it’s always stuffed with snacks!

10Clouds: one year later

After you get on board, we want you to stay with 10Clouds for as long as possible. There are a couple of things we do to keep our developers satisfied and to make sure that they can improve their skills. Let Tomasz Wójcik and Łukasz Wacławski explain what it’s like to be in 10Clouds for over a year.

How did 10Clouds change during your work here?

Tomasz Wójcik: It changed a lot in a good way. When I joined 10Clouds in August 2016 it was just starting to grow, and some processes were just being developed – for example, there was no team lead responsibilities… all backend developers were under Head of Backend, which meant he was taking care of about 20-30 people. That’s a lot for one person to handle, so TL roles were introduced and we split people into smaller groups that are easier to manage. But it was done in 10Clouds fashion not “big-evil-corporate-teams for the sake of making teams”.

The biggest thing that changed from my point of view was project management. We implemented Agile the way it was meant to be implemented – instead of talking about working in SCRUM, we are actually working in SCRUM. After internal workshops that explained what it meant for the company, for the customer and for us, we implemented all the necessary (it does not mean we implemented them all, and do them no matter what) Agile related processes, and most importantly, we changed the obsolete Project Manager role to Scrum Master. This changed the way we deliver projects: if anything went wrong we knew it as soon as possible and could take measures to damage control.

Does 10Clouds give you a chance to get promoted and develop your skills?

Tomasz Wójcik: There’s definitely room to grow and develop your skills at 10Clouds. Originally I was hired as python developer but I learned a lot here – within first 6 months I learned more than in 3 years in my previous jobs. So after about a year I was promoted to Senior Developer, which meant more technical responsibilities in projects. That wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to develop my soft skills more, so after talking to the Head of Web, I became a part of recruitment processes for 10C. And actually it’s what I enjoy the most now!

Within first 6 months I learned more than in 3 years in my previous jobs

Łukasz Wacławski: I got promoted from Junior to Mid Developer. I’m glad that the company appreciated my work this way – all it took was to do my job right.

What drives you to continue working in 10Clouds?

Tomasz Wójcik: I want to say that it’s the possibility to work with the new cutting-edge technology, but to tell you the truth it’s pretty much what everyone is doing these days. I mean either you stay up-to-date with technology or you cease to exist as a company.

What truly drives me forward is genuine thirst for knowledge and the fact that at 10Clouds people are open to learn new things. It’s not uncommon for developers to ask each other (even when they’re working on two different projects) how to implement this or that feature, and everyone here is glad to help if they can.

How to throw an awesome birthday party? Join us and you’ll see!

Within my first two weeks, I made a mistake in the payments system that made us charge people 100 times the amount they owed – instead of paying 1$ they were charged 100$. It was a small scale mistake – only 10 people were affected, and we paid them back, but I can only assume it’s sort of “you’re fired” kind of mistake in other companies. Here, after damage control I was asked “why this happened?” “What can we do to prevent it in the future?” etc. So even mistakes at 10Clouds are learning experience.

Recruitment process step by step

To ensure that you have all the information you need before sending us your CV, we have also prepared this quick step-by-step guide. After reading it, you’ll know exactly how the recruitment process looks like in 10Clouds:

1. CV Review

In the first step, we will get to know your CV. We’ll check to what extent your experience and profile are matched to our expectations.

2. Codility Test

The test will check your technical skills. It will take about 2.5 hours. You will have about a week to complete it at home.

3. Tech & HR Stage

Regardless of whether the interview will be remote or on-site, we will talk with you about two areas.
HR: knowledge of English, questions about motivation, experience.
TECH: coding on the platform (if remotely), on the board (at office)

4. Interview with head of department

A short talk with Head of the department on the technical and soft topics.

5. Feedback/Offer

If everything goes well in the above stages, we’ll send you feedback with an offer. Then we’ll wait to welcome you on board!

Join us!

That’s it! If you still have any questions regarding our work culture and the recruitment process, you can always reach out to us – send us an email to careers[at]10clouds.com. Remember to visit our Career page to check the current job offers. We will take a good CARE of you!

Design: Mateusz Piątek, Damian Denis

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