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02.03.2023 | 1 min read

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Why should your IT company care for good in-house product design skills? Partly because AI won’t replace product designers anytime soon, but mainly because it’s through good design that your product can bring about your value proposition. 10Clouds Design Team members Maciej Grątkowski and Agnieszka Zygmunt have just joined EY’s Academy of Business to lead essential courses on product design. If you are eager to bring more skill to the firm, here is your big chance.

There are two product design courses led by 10Clouds’ experts currently available at the EY Academy of Business. They will provide you with substantial knowledge on how to improve the marketability of your digital product and offer more to your customers, based on hard market data. There is a good reason why you should consider taking both.

First, Maciej Grątkowski, our Lead Product Designer, will teach you the basics of UX design and show how to successfully apply UX rules in your own practice.

“Participation in this course is your structured entry into the subject of usable design. You will receive knowledge, materials and guidance from a specialist, which will allow you to wrap your head around this broad issue, and to consciously continue building your competences. The practical part of the course will allow you to assimilate and apply selected techniques in everyday work, right after the training has ended. For dessert - a few tips from my own experience on how to develop your career and what mistakes to avoid at the start” - says Maciej.

Second, Agnieszka Zygmunt, our Lead UX Researcher, will explain why testing digital products is crucial and how to correctly validate your ideas.

Sign up for both courses now:

1. I’m interested in learning The Basics of UX Design

2. I’d like to know how Testing of Digital Products works

10Clouds Design is a renowned team of experts considered among the top 30 in the world by Dribbble, one of the globally leading showcase platforms for designers. Our projects were recognized by Behance in terms of UX and UI multiple times.

EY’s Academy of Business - introducing product design courses

The Academy’s courses range from multi-stage programs to short and practical ones, designed to improve your knowledge in specific areas. As a member of one of the world's largest professional service networks, the Academy of Business is equipped to provide you with the necessary tools, enable learning, and help apply this knowledge in practice, so you can work efficiently. Now, also within the field of product design.

There is a selection of many top-notch training courses available that meet the individual requirements of participants. The Academy’s trainers have an abundance of experience and the drive to pass on their expertise. We are proud to join their ranks and provide the same high level of expertise in one of the most important areas you should consider while developing digital products that really work.

Why is product design important to companies?

Product design is not just important, but essential for IT companies. It enables businesses to set themselves apart from competitors and to build meaningful relationships with customers. We’ve seen it time and time again. Product design helps create a unique experience for customers and drives more sales. Additionally, it allows IT companies to develop products that are tailored to customer needs and provide solutions to problems. Finally, it helps IT companies build a recognizable brand identity and create a strong presence in the market. None of that can be achieved without good UX and proper product validation.

By taking part in the Basics of UX Design course:

  • You will understand the basic issues tackled by the UX Design process: usability, User Centered Design, design process (Learn – Build – Measure model)
  • You will structure your domain knowledge in the field of UX design
  • You will learn the basic tools (digital, workshop, conceptual) used on a daily basis during design work
  • You will learn about standards, best practices and design patterns

You will outline further paths of professional development, learn about valuable sources of domain knowledge and information channels

The course has been divided into five comprehensive modules:

  • Theory – the basics of UX design and the design process
  • Information architecture and user flow
  • Wireframes – the basics

  • Prototyping
  • UX design patterns and best practices

By taking the Testing of Digital Products course:

  • You will gain practical knowledge of the main validation tests
  • You will learn to independently conduct basic research using a ready-made process tailored to the needs of your project
  • You will learn the mechanism of risk minimization by testing products
  • You will learn the key elements that determine proper testing, as well as the most common pitfalls and research mistakes

It’s the perfect follow-up if you work as a Product Manager and lead projects, or you are a part of a team that develops new products.

Unlock you business’ superpower

Design can become a secret weapon for your company. It can be considered a valuable business asset, deserving considering it a factor that leads to success. It is not just a decorative element, rather it is the driving force behind your product's value and end-user opinion of it. Design comprehends what is necessary for an organization to thrive, making it an ideal partner. There has always been potential for design to be used to its full advantage, but it takes courage to truly embrace it. The new product design courses now allow you to make the most of your company’s competences.

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