We're Coming for You, Texas! The 10C's 2022 Consensus Experience

11.05.2022 | 4 min read

Let's Make Some Noise at The 2022 Consensus Event

Yeehaw! It is happening! The 10Clouds team will attend the Consensus event, the world's largest Web3 conference. From June 9th to 12th, the Austin Convention Center will be taken over by the brightest minds and most powerful voices in the blockchain industry. This is a must-attend event for all crypto zealots, so we couldn’t miss it. Let us know if you'll be there as well. We'll meet for coffee, record an interview, or talk about your company's challenges. Book a meeting in a Calendly link below.

The 2022 Consensus event will showcase everything that cryptocurrency has to offer, including the most exciting aspects of blockchain, Web3, and the metaverse. The conference, hosted by CoinDesk in Austin, the most appealing city in the Lone Star State, will surely initiate many debates that can result in an eye-opening experience for how these technologies are reshaping the world we know.

Attending the event was a no-brainer for 10Clouds, a blockchain and fintech software development and consulting firm. We welcome any opportunity to share our best practices for deploying bespoke products for blockchain startups and scale-ups. At the same time, we cannot dismiss the importance of exchanging knowledge and experience with those who are enchanted by the blockchain’s opportunities.

If you're going to Austin, please make time to meet our team. This year, 10Clouds will be represented by:

  • Dennis van der Vecht, our Head of Sales, who has partnered with over 40 DeFi and blockchain-focused companies and can support you in scaling your product or an effective launch on the market,
  • Marcin Majchrzak, our accomplished and experienced Blockchain Lead, valuable advisor in terms of the best tech frameworks and blockchain application for your business,
  • Marta Klepka, our Head of Marketing and Growth, has a flair for digital marketing operations and strategy.

On-camera Opportunities

We're going to Consensus to learn about the latest trends in the industry and take part in talks about technology and DeFi products. Join our media team for an interview on one of the following topics. We think that talking about the mystery and beauty of blockchain is the best way to understand it. Click here to set up the onsite interview.

Hot Topics That Are on Our Minds in a Big Way

The State of DeFi 2022

DeFi is a global, open financial system designed as an alternative to a closed, tightly controlled infrastructure and processes. It re-establishes financial control in the hands of the people. It's no surprise that this phenomenon at the crossroads of technology and finance is thriving. However, some pressing questions remain: where is DeFi today? Is DeFi prepared to confront the establishment? What does the future of decentralized finance look like?

Next Big Things to Explode in Crypto

Without a doubt, NFTs are popular these days. If you've been following the NFT space, y’all know that a variety of celebrities have recently entered the crypto game. Blockchain networks' decentralized and distributed nature will almost certainly revolutionize the way we create and consume content on the Internet. But how long will this last? Are social tokens the next big thing after NFTs?

I’ve got 99 problems, But Blockchain Ain’t One… Right?

Blockchain technology is an amazing invention. It not only boosts trust, security, and transparency, but also improves data traceability. Furthermore, the significance of blockchain for business expansion is undeniable. But, is blockchain reliable and capable of solving all problems? Is there anything preventing blockchain from spreading?

DAO vs. Corporate

DAOs, or decentralized autonomous organizations, are pretty much like guilds for crypto fans. The only difference is that their members work toward a common goal, having an equal vote in decision-making. Of course, building a DAO has a lot of cons, but are they better off than traditional organizations?

Does any of these topics appeal to you? Would you like to join us to share your thoughts? There is a special Calendly link to book that option.

Off-camera Opportunities

If, on the other hand, you prefer to discuss some of your company's challenges privately rather than in front of the camera, please contact us via this link. We will gladly consult you in terms of:

  • Your product MVP or how to effectively scale it,
  • How to get the best UX insights from your audience,
  • A comprehensive selection of our products and services (Whitelabel and bespoke) can help you grow your blockchain-powered business,
  • It will be easier with our help to get your new project off the ground,
  • We will offer you a technological stack, and layout the work so that you can start developing your MVP right away,
  • To ensure your business will thrive, we'll arm you with everything you need.

We humbly believe that participating in the event thanks to meeting so many experts in the blockchain, DeFi, and Web3 fields will make us an even better design and development agency.

Gathering your perspectives and experiences will provide us with the context we need to better understand what these technologies really mean. As a result, we'd like to ask you a few simple questions.

We will compile the responses into a survey, the results of which we will present to the entire community. The survey will provide us with the information we require to develop the best solutions for a decentralized world.

We hope you are as excited as we are about attending the Consensus 2022 event. We'll talk soon. See you!

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