Bitcoin Accepted Here!

11.12.2013 | 2 min read

This may seem like an odd decision but it actually makes a lot of sense for us. International wire transfers always take a couple of days to clear, do not work during holidays and have a certain non-zero cost.

For bigger transfers that cost is relatively small so it’s acceptable, but we never know when the wire was initiated and getting some banks to execute wires is overcomplicated. Especially in the US. For smaller transactions, it makes no sense for our clients to bear the wire cost. For those smaller transactions, we use Paypal but it also has some problems. It takes a lot of time to clear and to get to our bank account.

With Bitcoin, we will instantly know that a transaction had taken place and depending on the exchange service that we use funds will be in our bank account much faster. Besides all of that, we believe there is a bright future for Bitcoin and we are very excited to see new developments in virtual currency happening at such staggering and spectacular way. As a company, we want to stay ahead of technological improvements, and this surely will be one of the ways.

We are also very eager to try out our strength in building software for Bitcoin ecosystem starting from transaction systems for exchanges to payment processing. For details on how we handle the Bitcoin transactions, please contact us on

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