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Getting students on the move with smartphone-operated electric scooter rental.

About the project

Zapp RideShare is a personal low-speed, electric scooter rental service operated with a mobile app. Users can locate, rent and ride electric scooters and commute around their cities or university campuses on the go - with just a few taps on a smartphone. The app is available both at Google Play and Apple App Store.


Mobile Development, Design, Back-end Development, Front-end Development


iOS, Android


Frank Scozzafava, the founder of Zapp RideShare, approached us to take his business idea to the next level. After his first experiences with running a mobile app scooter rental service, he came up with a plan to revamp it all and offer his customers something exceptional: eco-friendly, low-speed electric scooters operated by a top-notch mobile app available for Android and iOS platforms.

Our role was to build the new apps from scratch, provide them with quality backend (built in Python), smooth user experience and eye-catching design. This is how Frank sums up our cooperation on Zapp RideShare: “We went through the entire app and everything that I learned, and this experienced team redesigned the app to make it user-friendly, simple, and easy."

Key functionalities

The focus in Zapp RideShare revolved around security and convenience, both for the users and the product owner. We came up with surefire solutions: real-time vehicle tracking, accurate energy and payment management, parking spot location monitoring.

Flexible billing system

Flexible billing system

Users can rent Zapp electric scooters charged per minute, but longer rides come with better rates thanks to the flexible billing model. What’s more, users can set up an automatic top up on the go to ride as long as they want, without the risk of running out of funds before they reach the destination.

Delightful dashboard on the go

Delightful dashboard on the go

While on the ride, the app displays a pleasant-looking dashboard featuring: the user’s location, rental time, cycle number, and the location of nearest parking spots.

Smart scooter management

Smart scooter management

The administrator panel allows to keep track of all relevant information needed to smoothly operate the Zapp scooter infrastructure, e.g.:

  • Scooter location monitoring
  • Scooters’ battery level tracking
  • Theft alert

What’s next?

Right now, students at University of South Carolina and Columbia residents can Zapp around the city, but this is just the beginning. We’re implementing updates addressed to other target groups and locations, including e.g. tourists in Miami. As a service, Zapp RideShare is scaling in an impressive pace, and so are the iOS and Android apps we’re constantly developing. In March 2017, we’re launching Zapp RideShare in Key West, FL. In the next 12 months there are plans to open at least six more company-owned locations and sell the first franchises by the end of 2017.

200 +


40 +

parking lots

50 k+

ride rentals

1 mln

minutes total rental time

I’m still convinced that I’ve made the right choice, that you are a good company and I’m very glad that you are partners with us.

Frank Scozzafava

Frank Scozzafava

CEO Zapp RideShare


Branding, UI/UX Design,
Mobile Development


Branding, UI/UX Design,
Mobile Development

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