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Web3 for business growth: Laying the framework for a decentralized future

How to fight crypto winter?

Agenda & what you will discover

Crypto winter gives you chills? Emerging companies, operating in a "Web3" paradigm, are presenting a new value proposition to customers, in contrast to many leading platforms, which have guarded their treasuries of user data. What the journey from Web2 to Web3 should look like? And how to keep it cool despite the crypto winter?


Web3-ready - why build decentralized businesses?


Web3 business model - what's the new value proposition and how to unlock it?


Hardships and challenges while developing Web3 business

Infrastructure, infant industry, talents, regulations


Bear market - the impact on businesses so far

What should be the current focus? When it comes to projects, how to separate gems from trash? How important is the growing protocols ecosystem during the bear market? Can multi-chain and bridges be the means of expansion? How to support startups and scaleups?


Paweł Łaskarzewski
Enterpreneur & C-level Executive | Web3, Fintech, CBDC

A serial entrepreneur & early investor with over 20 years of experience in tech & business. He co-founded six startups (e.g. Synapse Network, and Molecule.one), and successfully exited three. Crypto enthusiast, advisor of multiple tier 1 projects, recognized as blockchain Expert of The Year 2022 by USA Today.

Alizee Carli
Director of Ecosystem at Casper Association

Alizee Carli is a Director of Strategy and Ecosystem at Casper Association, a non-profit organization responsible for expanding the Casper network. She leads Casper’s Grant Program and ecosystem development. Prior to joining Casper, Alizee was a strategy consultant from McKinsey in Amsterdam where she led a global team helping clients navigate the energy transition and sustainability topics.

The Casper Association is a non-profit organization responsible for the development of the Casper Network, a Proof of Stake (PoS) enterprise blockchain created to assist businesses in launching blockchain-enabled products. The Association also offers tools to expedite the spread of Casper and the ecosystem of decentralized applications it supports.


Marcin Łukasik
A content creator and content marketing team lead at 10Clouds

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