Adding Utility to NFTs: Real-life Examples and Future Ideas

Can NFTs provide the competitive edge?

Agenda - What you will discover

10C Voices webinar featuring industry experts Anil Altas Brug (Co-founder of Turboslow NFT Agency) and Michael Dorner (founder and CEO of VariusSystems digital solution).



Greeting the visitors and the gist of what will be discussed in the webinar.


Understanding NFTs

The question of what kinds of assets are amenable to NFT transformations today originated in the context of artwork.


NFT Utilities

Besides collecting and trading, businesses can utilize NFTs to increase their brand's visibility, customer loyalty, and customer participation.


NFTs for Enterprises

What non-fungible tokens are, how they work, and how you can use them to monetize your company's digital assets.


Whitelabel NFT Marketplaces

Investing in a Whitelabel NFT Marketplace: What should you expect to get out of it?


Closing Remarks

A review of the most important things learned from the webinar

Main Guests

Anil Altas Brug
CEO Turboslow NFT Agency

Anil Altas Brug is the Co-founder of Turboslow NFT Agency, NFT Artist, DLT & NFT Talent from Frankfurt Blockchain School.

Michael Dorner
CEO of VariusSystems

Michael Dorner is the founder and CEO of VariusSystems digital solution, a serial entrepreneurial with vast interest in new technologies like Blockchain and AI.

The NFT Agency connects creators, communities and brands through unique NFT experiences with ownable digital content.

VariusSystems creates individual software solutions for events, ticketing, schooling systems, employee management, access systems, and customer management.


Marcin Łukasik is a content marketing team lead at 10Clouds. 

Marcin Łukasik
Content marketing team lead

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