UX Audit Services

Boost your app's user experience with 10Clouds' tailored UX Audit Services and a complimentary guide to help you improve on your own.

Precision-Crafted UX Audit Services

Open the door to exceptional digital experiences with a precision-driven UX audit from 10Clouds.

Dive into our tailored process, where real data sheds light on your users' needs, and clear, focused solutions elevate your product.

Grab our free guidebook to navigate the intricacies of UX audits on your own, or call on our expertise to collaboratively achieve your vision.

Download "UX Audit for a Healthy Product" for Free

Dive into our free UX Audit guide and discover how to elevate your product's journey. This concise material offers:

  • Key Insights: Learn the transformative impact of UX audits.
  • Strategic Process: Navigate from identifying needs to boosting growth.
  • Practical Tools: Equip yourself with essential audit tools.
  • Success Stories: Gain inspiration from real client triumphs.

Why Invest in the UX Audit Process?

Reduced Bounce Rates

A seamless user experience boosts conversion rates, driving purchases.

Elevated User Satisfaction

Fixing usability issues fosters loyalty and drives sales.

Cost-Effective Issue Resolution

Early problem-solving saves time and money.

Unified Brand Image

Consistent communication increases reputation and brand awareness.

The next market success could be yours. Let's make it happen.


What You Will Get

  • Clear Roadmap
    A clear road map emphasizing UI and UX improvements to streamline navigation.
  • Heuristic Evaluations
    Heuristic evaluations that demystify usability issues, aiming to enhance user retention.
  • Actionable Insights
    Detailed insights into your information architecture, underlining how each segment commands user engagement.
  • List of Design Solutions
    A prioritized list of design solutions that marry your business goals to your users' needs.
  • User Research
    User research and testing distilled into an audit report, ensuring every change maximizes your conversion rate.
  • Expert Guidance
    Expert guidance to navigate your digital product's next phase, whether it's a redesign for your e-commerce site or UX enhancements for enterprise applications.

Meet the Architects of User Experience

Agnieszka Zygmunt
Lead UX Researcher
Ziemowit Kaczmarski
Senior UX Designer
Magdalena Piasecka
UX Designer
Daria Łabaj
UX Designer

How Our UX Audit Helped Our Clients

(selected from Clutch.co)

“(...) our investors have been very impressed with the product’s clean UX and ease of use. While it’s not live yet, the initial feedback has been top-notch.”

Aaron Nevin

Founder & Executive

Why Conduct a UX Audit?

In the digital realm, your users' satisfaction dictates your success.

With our UX audit service, you are not just investing in a checklist; you're equipping your business with a powerful lens that scrutinizes your user flow, pinpoints pain points, and charts a course for significant user engagement enhancement.

By dissecting every facet of your product's design with a heuristic evaluation, our experts raise your user experience from functional to formidable.

Your visitors arrive with expectations. It's not just about dazzling them with visual design; it's about delivering a seamless, intuitive journey.

From foreground to back, every click, every swipe is an opportunity for discovery – or a chance for frustration.

Our UX audit process dives deep, examining the intersection of UI design, usability issues, and user satisfaction, translating that into a language your team can action immediately.

The Process

The Process



We don't skim the surface. Our UX professionals hone in on your user journey from start to finish, seeking out areas of improvement for a user-friendly experience.



With deep experience across all verticals, our team of UX experts dissects your digital product, bringing an acute awareness of user behavior to the forefront.



Your audit isn't just a document; it's a blueprint. You'll receive a digestible, actionable report that highlights priority areas for innovation and growth.



Based on findings, we craft a strategic roadmap that not only tackles current usability issues but also sets your product up for sustained growth and satisfaction.

10Clouds' UX Audit Service

At 10Clouds, we specialize in providing premium UX audit services, delivering in-depth analysis to optimize your digital product.

With our UX audit, you gain a team of UX experts wielding extensive experience across e-commerce and enterprise applications.

Our UX professionals meticulously enhance user engagement, streamline the user journey, and employ heuristic evaluations—with results that speak through improved conversion rates and boosted user satisfaction.

For those who seek to dive deep into UX improvements and conduct a UX audit internally, we've crafted a dynamic guidebook—available to download for free.

It distills our UX research and audit findings into best practices and actionable insights you can use to tackle usability issues and prioritize your product's user experience enhancements.

Whether you're aiming to refine your product’s design, navigate the complexities of UI and information architecture, or improve user retention—our UX audit service, paired with our guidebook, empowers you to make informed decisions.

Sail smoothly toward a redesigned, more user-friendly experience with 10Clouds leading the way.

Start your journey with confidence—leveraging our comprehensive UX audits and the collective wisdom of our UX and UI experts, all while having the freedom to apply our shared knowledge independently.

Download your guidebook now and experience the synergy of 10Clouds' services and resources at your command.


What is a UX audit?


A UX audit checks how easy and enjoyable it is to use your website or app. It's like a health check-up but for your digital product. We look at how things are designed (UX design), how users move around (navigation), and how easy it is for everyone to use (accessibility). This helps find any big no-nos (usability issues) that might make people leave or not use your product.

Who needs a UX audit?


Businesses aiming to refine their digital presence, from startups to large enterprises, can significantly benefit from a UX audit. This includes those with e-commerce platforms, enterprise software, and any organization looking to improve their website UX or page design. If your goal is to enhance user satisfaction, a UX audit is crucial. It helps identify usability issues through a design review and user interface analysis, offering insights to improve your user's experience. Essentially, any entity looking to boost engagement, conversion rates, and overall digital effectiveness should consider a UX audit.

How to do a UX audit?


To conduct a UX audit, partner with an experienced agency that specializes in UX research and user testing. They'll evaluate your design and interface, pinpointing areas that hinder engagement and conversion rates. This process involves examining your website or app to identify and resolve any usability issues. The outcome is a concise report with actionable steps to enhance the overall experience, aiming to make your digital offering more intuitive and effective in meeting business goals.

Is UX audit the same as usability testing?


A UX audit and usability testing are different but complementary. A UX audit, conducted by professional UX experts, provides a comprehensive UX analysis to identify poor user interactions, aiming to solve product problems and enhance overall usability. This can lead to improved conversion rates and a smoother user experience by reducing bounce rates. Usability testing, a part of the UX audit, focuses on observing real users to pinpoint specific issues, directly addressing areas that could lead to poor user interactions. Both are essential for creating a user-friendly digital product.

How do I prepare for a UX audit?


To prepare for a UX audit, start by choosing a reputable UX audit agency or company with experience in your field, whether it's e-commerce UX or app UX audit. Share your goals with them to focus the UX review on areas you want to improve. Make sure to provide access to your site or app and any previous research or data you have. This helps the UX team identify areas for a detailed UX analysis and understand the range of UX audit services you might need. A thorough UX audit will vary depending on your specific needs but expect it to cover everything from the overall user experience to pinpointing areas for improvement. This in-depth UX examination is designed to offer insights and development services to enhance your user's journey, ensuring the audit will help make your digital product more user-friendly and effective.