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Leverage 10Clouds' expertise in designing beautiful, functional and thought trough AI products to revolutionize your industry and drive business growth.

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Your AI product deserves visionary branding, an engaging landing page and fully interactive prototype to test your ideas. Our design process and knowledge significantly decreases time for development.

Quick, high fidelity, fully interactive prototypes for AI apps.
Landing pages
Beautifully UX-designed and visually stunning to sell what's best about your product.
Instant value for you and your users in a matter of weeks.
Brand identity
Get a product that is fully aligned with your brand or let's discover it anew.

World-recognized UX design and Product Design for AI companies


Discovery and strategy for AI implementation

We are your partner in bringing your vision into reality. Our extensive business knowledge and research helps us defining "what", "who", and "how" to implement AI in your product or service.

The end result of our Product Discovery can include:

The end result of our Product Discovery can include:

Strategic & product materials

Research conclusions translated into specific artifacts (such as personas, values, visions, service blueprint, etc).

Value proposition

Information gathered during research will be used to define new value proposition that includes implementation of AI solution within the product or service.

Product concepts

Discovery phase might include creation of Proof of Concept, a simple high fidelity prototype that can be used to validate discovery assumptions.


Summary of the workshops, discussion of conclusions and developed solutions with recommendations for further actions.

Designing products for the AI industry

Implementing AI into existing products or creating new AI-driven products has a few issues that need to be taken into consideration.

Technical limitations
Ethical consequences

Designer and owner on the same page

We let you understand the tools and techniques to determine the best AI functionalities for your product. Learn how to gauge user engagement and ensure a seamless AI experience.

AI Possibilities and limitations

Our AI Consultant will shed light on the vast possibilities AI offers, its current limitations, and a glimpse into the future of AI in product development.

User Experience with AI

Delve into the user's perspective with our UX Researcher and understand how to design AI functionalities that resonate with your audience.

Whitelabel AI for your business

Start from scratch or seamlessly integrate our white-label AI software to your existing systems, with customizable features and ready-to-use components that reduce AI product development time even by six months.

Limit risks, increase user engagement

Involving experts in UX research, strategy, and AI technology will help define your implementation to limit risks and increase user engagement. Your business goal is paramount and the strategy of AI implementation should be aligned with your business goals and the needs of your users.


See some examples of our work

Trust Stamp

TrustStamp, a leading provider of AI-powered identity solutions, partnered with 10Clouds to overcome development and staffing challenges and achieved remarkable success.

10Clouds helped developed TrustStamp's state of the art proof of liveliness solution for KYC and computer vision tools for document verification.

This collaboration led to full-scale implementation, adoption by strategic partners, and TrustStamp's debut on NASDAQ.

The partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation, solidifying TrustStamp's position as a trusted identity solution provider.

Trust Stamp case study image


The platform offers users 100x higher interest rates compared to traditional savings accounts with up to 6% APY, no minimums and no hidden fees.

Web Development
Mobile Development
Mobile Development
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What is our UX design service?


Our service entails smart AI product design for your efficient business and top user experience.

How can AI product designs benefit my business?


Good AI product design can improve customer satisfaction and increases overall business growth.

What does the AI product design process entail?


Our process involves initial consultation, creation of design strategy, development of AI product and deployment.

How do we measure AI product design success?


Our success markers include improved customer satisfaction and retention, feedback, increased efficiency, and business growth.

Is industry knowledge necessary to use your service?


No, our design services aim to guide and educate businesses venturing into AI.

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