Fast-Track Your Startup with White Label AI Software

White-label AI transforms your vision into reality half a year faster by providing ready-to-use, customizable software solutions.

Customize Fast, Launch Faster with White-Label AI

Seeking funding for your AI project? Want to fast-track your development?

Our white label AI solution is a customizable AI software that allows you to brand and adapt AI technologies as your own.

Built on AIConsole—a personal AI ecosystem from an independent startup that originated from 10Clouds, our platform quickly turns your AI idea into a profitable business.

It propels startups and scale-ups forward, slashing development time by half a year.

With its startup-friendly licensing, it significantly reduces your costs and lowers the financial risks for your investors.

Create a prototype and secure funding faster with a strategy that sets you apart.

White Label AI: The Ultimate AI Tool for Your Business

Each feature of our white label AI platform is crafted to offer customizable, seamless integration into your existing systems, addressing your specific needs to streamline your workflow and enhance your operational efficiency.

White Label Software Advantages for Startups and Scaleups

01 Shortcut to Market Readiness

Cut down development time by 6 months, showcasing an early proof of concept within a month to both users and investors, speeding up the verification process.

02 Reduce Development Costs

Minimize your financial outlay on development, allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently elsewhere in your business.

03 Startup-Friendly Licensing

Leverage friendly licensing, designed to facilitate the easy adoption and use of white label software.

04 Expert Support

Gain support from the experienced team on core features, ensuring smooth integration and deployment of AI capabilities.

05 Big-Tech Independence

Operate independently from large platforms, with a partner that won’t compete with you or impose unsustainable terms.

06 Source Code Access

Enjoy direct access and the ability to customize the white-label source code to meet your specific needs.

07 Continuous Updates

Benefit from lifetime updates and upgrades, ensuring your AI capabilities remain cutting-edge without additional cost.

08 End-to-End Development Support

Receive preferential access to 10Clouds' comprehensive product development support, from ideation to deployment.

Harnessing the Power of AI: Industries that Benefit from White Label Solutions

Deploy our white label platform to harness AI, automation, and analytics across various industries, transforming challenges into opportunities for recurring revenue faster.

Meet our Team

Dmytro Levin
Dmytro Levin
AI Solution Architect & Consultant
Sylwia Masłowska
Director of Business Development

Let's Talk How White Label AI Can Support Your Business


Engagement Timeline for Your White Label Platform


Begin with initial sales calls and a discovery session to outline your project's vision, understand your specific needs, and explore how our AI white-label platform can support your objectives.

Technology Overview

Our white-label platform is engineered to empower your development team with robust, scalable components, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing infrastructure and a quick path to market readiness.

Core Technologies and Frameworks

Core Technologies and Frameworks



Automate and streamline operations with Artificial Intelligence agents capable of performing tasks and interacting with data seamlessly.



Efficiently manage and access your digital content and knowledge base, enhancing learning and resource sharing across the platform.



Integrate a wide array of tools to augment the functionality of your application, from analytics to communication tools, for a richer user experience.



Develop responsive and intuitive web and mobile interfaces that ensure a consistent, engaging user experience across all devices.



Gain full control over your data and infrastructure with solutions designed to operate seamlessly on your server environment.



Leverage Python and ReactJS for robust backend and frontend development, with potential integration of GPT-4 and open source models for cutting-edge AI capabilities.



Ensure easy and scalable deployment to cloud environments, allowing for efficient scaling to meet growing user demand and operational needs.

See Examples of Our AI-Powered Projects


The foundation for our white label platform and 10Clouds' own innovative product — AIConsole — is meant to transform the landscape of Artificial Intelligence applicability through hyper-personalization. Designed for automation, versatility and learnability, AIConsole delivers a smart, no-code platform capable of elevating any workflow by much more than just AI content generation.

AIConsole case study image

Well Over One

WOO, in collaboration with 10Clouds, has redefined health and wellness support by integrating AI to offer 24/7 personalized advice. This partnership has enabled the WOO app to understand and predict user needs, providing tailored health strategies and insights. Through AI-driven chatbots and adaptive algorithms, the app delivers actionable wellness guidance.

Well Over One case study image

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They made sure that our vision of implementing AI is in line with the business goals of the entire platform. Thanks to their unique understanding of machine learning capabilities, we will be able to fully respond to the needs of our users.
Ada Jakimowicz
Co-Founder & CEO

FAQ on AI White Label Products

What is White Label AI?


White label AI refers to AI software tools that are developed and sold to companies, which can then brand and offer them as their own solutions. These tools, including AI chatbots and generative AI models, are designed to be customizable and integrate seamlessly into a business's existing offerings, enhancing their digital marketing strategies and other business operations.

Is White Label AI the same as AI SaaS?


No, white label AI and AI SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions are not the same. White label AI tools are configurable software that businesses can rebrand and offer as their own products, often involving a one-time purchase or licensing fee. AI SaaS, on the other hand, typically involves using the software on a subscription basis, providing monthly recurring revenue to the SaaS provider. Both solutions deploy AI technologies, but their business models differ.

Why should startups and scale-ups invest in white label AI tools in 2024?


Investing in top white label tool in 2024 offers startups and scale-ups a strategic advantage in rapidly evolving digital markets. These tools provide a fast track to incorporating advanced AI technologies, like generative AI for content creation and conversational AI for chatbots, directly into their service offerings. By leveraging white label AI software, businesses can significantly enhance their marketing automation capabilities, streamline sales processes, and offer more personalized customer experiences. Additionally, adopting tools like ours, which integrates seamlessly with existing platforms, allows for greater flexibility and scalability, catering to the specific needs of end users. Perhaps the biggest advantage of white label AI tools is that they open up avenues for generating monthly recurring revenue, offering a sustainable business model that can fuel growth and innovation. This investment not only positions businesses at the forefront of technological adoption but also provides them with the tools to fit the latest AI advancements into their offerings, making them more competitive and responsive to market demands.

How can I choose the best white label AI for my needs?


Choosing the best white label AI software for your needs involves assessing several key factors. Consider the level of customization and adaptability you require, the quality of technical support provided, and the scalability of the solution. The best white label AI tools are compatible with your existing systems and can integrate with emerging technologies like GPT models. Additionally, evaluate the provider's expertise in areas relevant to your business. Opt for platforms that offer comprehensive documentation, robust security measures, and reliable customer support to facilitate smooth deployment and ongoing maintenance.

Can I use white label AI to create a virtual assistant for my business? 


Yes, you can use white label AI software tools to develop a virtual assistant tailored to your business needs. The platform is designed to allow easy integration of AI models, enabling you to offer sophisticated chatbot services that improve customer engagement and operational efficiency.

What are the benefits of integrating generative AI into my platform?


Integrating generative AI into your platform can enhance content creation, automate responses, and provide personalized experiences for users. Solutions that are developed with generative AI can analyze and understand user queries, generate human-like responses, and support a wide range of applications, from content generation to customer service, making them invaluable tools for businesses looking to innovate and improve their services.

How can AI chatbots enhance my digital marketing efforts?


AI chatbots can significantly boost your digital marketing by engaging users in real-time, providing instant customer service, and personalizing user experiences. By deploying AI chatbots on your platform, you can gather valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors, enabling more targeted and effective marketing strategies.

Ready to Fast-Track Your Development with White Label AI?