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10Clouds is an integrator and provider of user-friendly, cutting edge and affordable FinTech solutions. Our client-centred FinTech and banking development teams focus on understanding your business needs, your market position and competition, and providing expert consulting.

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Why choose 10Clouds?

We are trusted by companies all over the world

We’ve worked with clients across the globe, from small start-ups to large corporations, including a number of FinTechs such as Omise, Crescent and Coinquista.

We have in-depth knowledge of financial processes

Our knowledge of banking processes and products helps us to provide you with the best solution. At the same time we understand that each client is unique, so we work hard to understand your context and brief.

We are on top of the latest technology

We’re always striving to leverage new approaches to web development, and to proactively recommend the latest technology that would benefit our clients’ products as well as saving time and money where possible.

We are a one-stop-shop for everything you need

We have highly-skilled staff in a range of roles, including all areas of software development, as well as design, project management, and quality assurance.

Cloud core banking system

Establishing or moving your core banking system to the cloud changes the banking dynamic - it allows our clients to create modern customer experiences or even brand new financial ventures, constantly evolving in the fintech era. We’re excited to announce our partnership with Mambu - the cloud platform for composable banking.

Accounts integration

Our aim is to provide the latest solutions in system integration to banks and fintechs in Poland, Central Eastern Europe and beyond. We’re excited to announce our partnership with Tink, a robust open banking platform providing the broadest, deepest connectivity and powerful services that create value out of the financial data.

Onboarding solutions

We have joined forces with Trust Stamp, leaders in global identity verification, to develop solutions which meet the most rigorous standards of financial security and data protection, reducing risk to an absolute minimum. We offer different solutions based on whether you’re a FinTech or an Enterprise.


The product of our cooperation - OnBoard, gives you an ability to seamlessly integrate and create a whitelabeled user onboarding flow without time consuming custom development. In just a few minutes you can create a flow with your company’s logo, colour palette and a desired steps chosen from the set of available options including proof of liveness, ID verification, KYC/AML watchlists check, ID comparison, face matching and more.

Proof of Liveness - an AI powered solution which lets you verify if the user is a real person
ID Verification - a service which lets you verify a user’s identity document
KYC/AML watchlists check - we cover over 4800 watchlists including sanction lists, wanted lists, public warnings etc.

Our FinTech Team

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Head of Mobile
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Agile Project Manager
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UX Designer
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Software Architect
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Mobile apps for the financial sector

We have experience in delivering mobile apps to improve customer journeys. This experience helps us to shorten the discovery process as well as the time needed to create each of product elements. Take a look at some of our projects below to find out more.

Emergent Tech


Emergent is a fintech company working on creating a gold-backed stable coin and a verified supply chain for trusted gold. 10Clouds helped Emergent with extending it’s blockchain and mobile teams and worked on core elements of it’s wallet application.

10Clouds maintained a team of 6-9 people consisting of Python, ReactNative, ReactJS developers as well as QA and DevOps. Our team augmented existing development teams and collaborated closely with Product Owners and UX/UI designers on the client side.


Trust Stamp - Lite ID

Idenitity VerificationMachine Learning

Trust Stamp’s mission is to create transformational technology that accelerates secure societal and financial inclusion. One of its projects is Lite ID - an app for secure data sharing. The company reached out to 10Clouds for support with building this platform.

Machine Learning

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