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March 2022 - May 2022


Whitelabel NFT Marketplace





As companies flock to the enticing world of NFTs, many strive to differentiate themselves from OpenSea to add exclusivity to their brand. But, the question remains: is it worth the effort and resources to create a platform from scratch? 10Clouds' white-label solution, provides scalability, easy launch, SEO-friendliness, and a modern tech stack (with React, Django, and Solidity) to help businesses stay ahead.


Web Development
Product Design
Product Delivery Management


Python (with Django)


reliable technologies used
blockchain projects delivered
weeks to deliver a demo

Introduction and Goals

2021-2022 was the period when, the NFT market experienced explosive growth, with total NFT sales surpassing $17.6 billion in 2022, a 200-fold increase from the previous year. This surge in NFT sales represents a new revenue stream for businesses operating in various markets. Moreover, it proves to be an effective incentive to boost customer engagement and retention, offering endless possibilities for companies looking to promote their brand, products, or services.

As more businesses become interested in the NFT market, there is a need for a white-label NFT marketplace. We saw this and aimed to deliver a customized solution, that can be easy to launch and scale, and based on reliable technology
Joanna Kraśnicka's image
Joanna Kraśnicka
Senior Product Delivery Manager


OpenSea is widely regarded as the benchmark for white-label NFT marketplaces. With over one million registered users and more than 80 million NFTs available for trading across 700 projects, it is the largest marketplace of its kind. Additionally, the site sees a staggering 121 million visitors every month. Despite OpenSea's dominance, 10Clouds aimed to deliver a comprehensive solution that could effectively compete with this established platform.

We were aiming to create a fully customized white-label solution that would support EVM blockchains and equip users with functionalities like browsing, listing, and buying. We also wanted to provide users with a secondary marketplace to list their own NFTs for sale and charge a small commission on each transaction. To achieve this goal, we built a team of experienced developers who had delivered tens of blockchain projects and used the latest tech stack, including React, Django, and Solidity
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Aleksander Kraśnicki
Software Developer and Project’s Technical Lead

Technology serves as a crucial backbone to the success of any NFT marketplace. However, equally significant is user experience and design. Recognizing the importance of user-centric design, we enlisted the expertise of product designers to identify the shortcomings of existing marketplaces and address them through a simpler, more enjoyable experience. To achieve this goal, we undertook a discovery phase that involved introducing a Minimum Loveable Product (MLP), building user flows, and developing NFT marketplace wireframes.

Ultimately, our solution offers a more seamless minting process by providing an all-in-one solution that eliminates the multi-step process used by many existing products. This streamlined approach minimizes friction and emphasizes simplicity, aligning with our ultimate goal of delivering an intuitive user flow. "Our flow is designed to resemble those most commonly used, ensuring that users feel at ease when navigating the marketplace
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Magdalena Piasecka
UX Designer

The Process

The Process

Conceptual Stage

While it may seem that pleasing ourselves would be the easiest task, the reality is quite the opposite. As stakeholders, our expectations are high, making "our own client" the most demanding of them all. To succeed, we needed to understand the exact requirements of our customers while keeping a close eye on the competitive market.

Scoping Workshops

In our initial workshop meetings, we established our objective to develop a minimum lovable product that allows users to perform essential actions on the NFT market, such as buying, selling, bidding, and minting NFTs. We also addressed questions regarding the technical background, which significantly influenced the scope of the final product.


Our white-label NFT marketplace targets MetaMask wallet owners who want to buy, sell, or create PFP-like NFTs. Creating and minting new NFTs is our top priority. We offer customization options for users and collection profiles, based on the needs of Crypto Twitter/Discord users and crypto art/collectibles enthusiasts.


Testing an NFT marketplace among users is crucial as it provides businesses with valuable insights into the features, user experience, and usability of their platform. Users can help identify pain points and other areas that may need improvements, providing businesses with a better understanding of their customer's needs.


While creating NFTs is our top priority, we also aim to develop marketplace features to enable buying and selling. We plan to compare OpenSea, Rarible, and LooksRare to extract the most valuable features and create an MVP product similar to them while offering the benefits of our white-label solution.

Our first digital product showcased our expertise in creating NFT exchanges, implementing smart contracts, and technical use cases. The demo provided customers with insight into our capabilities tailored to a specific use case. Through this demonstration, our team gained invaluable knowledge and experience.

Joanna Kraśnicka

Project’s Team Lead


Wallet Connection

We delivered a feature that allows users to connect their digital wallets for easy payment and transactions on our platform.

NFT Collection

Our product features a unique and diverse collection of NFTs that offer value and appeal to our target audience

Offer Price Sale

We added an offer price sale feature, allowing users to negotiate the price of goods and services through our platform to better suit their budget.

Fix Price Sale

This option helps users easily buy goods and services at a fixed price, simplifying the purchasing process and better accommodating their needs.

Business Impact

The 10Clouds white-label NFT marketplace provides a highly scalable and customizable solution that can help businesses enter the NFT market with ease. With a trusted and experienced team of developers, we can create a base prototype of the marketplace for further development in just 4-6 weeks, which is a significant advantage in this fast-paced industry.

Additionally, businesses can rely on 10Clouds to create NFT collections that stand out or leverage their existing assets. With reliable technology, top-performing SEO readiness, and ongoing support, businesses can be confident that they are getting a top-quality product that will help them achieve their NFT goals.

Overall, the 10Clouds white-label NFT marketplace offers a valuable solution to any business looking to participate in the NFT market.

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