Emergent Technology — Bringing gold into the digital age.


    Emergent is a fintech company working on creating a gold-backed stable coin and a verified supply chain for trusted gold. 10Clouds helped Emergent with extending it’s blockchain and mobile teams and worked on core elements of it’s wallet application.

    10Clouds maintained a team of 6-9 people consisting of Python, ReactNative, ReactJS developers as well as QA and DevOps. Our team augmented existing development teams and collaborated closely with Product Owners and UX/UI designers on the client side. Apart from development work we were tasked with the organization of remote work and inter-team communication to ensure a seamless delivery of results.

    Project Name

    Emergent Tech





    Our challenge

    The main challenge that we were presented with was moving the product development to an offshore engineering team while at the same time keeping up with the pace of development, and consistently adding new features and fixes to the already existing codebase

    The very distributed nature of the teams meant that we needed to have an iron-clad work process. We had developers working in San Francisco, Warsaw and Hong Kong.

    How we made it happen

    Providing full engineering support

    We provided the core engineering team across the whole technological stack (Java, Python, web, mobile).

    Ensuring a seamless collaboration and effective workflow

    We used numerous tools and practices to obtain as seamless a collaboration and workflow as possible despite dependencies between the work of teams in different timezones. Meanwhile we continuously worked on reducing the number of such dependencies.

    We held weekly backlog grooming and defect triaging meetings to make sure that a backlog of work was sufficiently refined and prioritized. We also held short team huddle meetings a few times a week to sync on current priorities and challenges.

    Supporting Emergent to deliver quality and value

    We offered our client ongoing support in the form of consultations, and provided technological solutions to wide array of challenges: increasing the product value, meeting compliance requirements, improving the client’s internal processes and much more.

    Working on user experience

    We designed and implemented the User Experience for the registration process overhaul, which involved extensive testing a research into the user demographics.

    Ongoing value addition

    We continue to deliver value for the product, as we work on every component of Emergent’s ecosystem - the architecture; managing, monitoring and improving the infrastructure; handling the choice and the implementation of third party integrations; developing new features within the mobile and web applications; deploying new changes to the production environment and providing 24/7 maintenance support.

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