10Clouds partners with MINDSTREAM for Agile services

24.05.2022 | 4 min read

We are happy to announce that 10Clouds is partnering up with MINDSTREAM – a company dedicated to increasing business value through Agile trainings and consulting. This cooperation will expand our reach as the software development and consulting agency. It will also help organisations elevate the way they do business.

Agile services with MINDSTREAM

MINDSTREAM is a company focused on trainings aimed at developing skills related to project management. They also support organisations through process management trainings. Additionally, MINDSTREAM is also responsible for organizing Agile Corporate conference in which real case studies are turned into value for users. 10Clouds will be supporting MINDSTREAM through agile coaching.

The history of our relationship comes from the relationship between the company and Urszula Wawrzeniuk, our Head of Product Delivery. She previously worked for MINDSTREAM. Based on that relationship and client’s need for high quality training, MINDSTREAM turned to us to partner up. The result? 10Clouds will work with MINDSTREAM’s clients and help them with business processes through agile coaching. With our coaching, companies will be able to implement agile methodology in their daily work and improve performance, as well as inner communications.

10Clouds will also help client’s Scrum Masters and Product Owners. We will boost their skills and help them improve modus operandi, so they can be even more effective. Plus, our agile coaches will consult on their projects.

The nature of Agile and our approach

What is Agile? It’s an approach to software delivery and project management. It’s based on empowered teams and close collaboration ensuring frequent feedback loops to deliver business value faster and without challenges typical to the waterfall approach. In 10Clouds, we most frequently base our process on Scrum, at whose core lies the delivery of working software after each time-boxed iteration (sprint), but depending on the client's situation, other frameworks and methodologies are utilised as well.

Our Agile coaches have experience in working with the clients, as well as sharing our knowledge at public events. For example, during the Agile Corporate 2021 conference, I participated as one of the experts in the panel discussion around the practical aspects and challenges related to agile transformations especially in bigger organisations. Urszula Wawrzeniuk and Martyna Gola led the opening workshop about the Agile Manifesto in real-life experience of the conference participants.

This year we will also attend the conference. Our agile coaching specialists will talk about vital developments in the industry and how to deal with them through agile. The list of topics is still a subject of discussion.

We are very happy to take on 10Clouds as our partners in the area of agile coaching. Since both companies believe in the methodology and delivery of business value in the first place, we will cooperate seamlessly and without hiccups. This is possible because I know both Urszula and Wiosna. Their level of professionalism and focus towards solutions for client’s challenges is what we need. More importantly, it’s needed by our clients and their teams.

Kinga Matysiak, CEO MINDSTREAM

It’s all about methodology and approach. 10Clouds offers its own agile coaching services. First, we enter the company, learn about the business, products and projects, consume materials about processes, etc. Then we make recommendations based on what we see and experience. What can be changed entirely? What can be tweaked? We make an action plan to implement the solutions. Then, it’s about cooperation with the client’s Scrum Master. Regular syncs to see what is happening, can we consult on the matter at hand, what seems to be the challenge. We can also support the Scrum Masters in coaching stakeholders, etc.

Our approach is outcome-oriented. We want to know how our work is impacting the client, and what areas are improved. The client’s satisfaction level and their feedback are an inherent part of what we do. Agile can deliver better products and that is where our focus lies. That’s why we will support MINDSTREAM in their work for banking clients, as well as companies from other industries where Agile has not proliferated yet.

Our ability to understand the client, the struggles and challenges is what drove us to create agile coaching services. We believe that through working with MINDSTREAM we will be able to enhance our services and help more clients with their projects. We are happy with a lasting relationship with MINDSTREAM and look forward to future projects.

Urszula Wawrzeniuk, Head of Product Delivery at 10Clouds


Product development is not easy. It requires business vision, technical skill and the right tools to manage the project. With agile, companies can save money, improve internal communications, deliver results in a shorter amount of time. We are happy to be a part of that process.

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