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01.02.2022 | 3 min read

10Clouds and AirWallex Partnership

10Clouds is pleased to announce its partnership with Airwallex, a global payments fintech platform that transforms the way businesses of all sizes function and manage their money on a local and global level.

We believe that Airwallex’s payments infrastructure offers our clients excellent solutions when it comes to streamlining their cross-border finances, saving valuable time on admin and opening doors to new global markets. We’re looking forward to making the most of what it has to offer, with the aim of improving the efficiency and usability of the fintech and banking products that we deliver.

Airwallex in a nutshell

Airwallex was built with a single purpose in mind – to create a world where all businesses can operate without borders and restrictions, and by doing so, propel the growth of the global digital economy. The platform offers:

  • Multi-currency business accounts allowing users to collect, hold and send money in multiple currencies, while avoiding double conversions.
  • Money transfers with zero international fees and competitive exchange rates.
  • Borderless debit cards enabling users to set spending limits and controls, and see all employee expenses, in one place, in real-time.
  • Xero integration which helps to ensure that your books are always up to date.

Karol Stępień, Head of Banking and FinTech at 10Clouds summarizes the partnership:

We are very excited to work with Airwallex, because of the unique value that we can provide together. Our mission for the banking and fintech team at 10Clouds is to build digital financial institutions. This partnership allows us to make use of top digital financial building blocks from Airwallex, use them in the products that we’re building, deploying each in a custom manner. For our clients, it means unique international financial functionalities with very fast go to market.

Vivien Cheung, Director, Strategic Partnerships at Airwallex says:

We’re really excited to announce our partnership with 10Clouds, as we continue to support the entrepreneurs, business builders, makers and creators with their global business goals. Through this partnership, 10Clouds’ clients can save time and money on cross-border payments, while also unlocking new global markets. We look forward to building on this partnership and putting entrepreneurs on the global map.

Use case

We were working with a FinTech scaleup, which was interested in introducing new functionalities to increase their value proposition for their end users. The team on this client’s side decided not to develop these functionalities internally, but to focus instead on the UX/UI of their app and to use the solutions provided by Airwallex and 10Clouds.

Through Airwallex and 10Clouds’ integration they were able to spend the whole backend development budget on improving their USP which was ease-of-use. The result is that they can now offer their clients an easy, reliable, and fast service (e.g. up to 24h to send payment to China) with no high international payment fees and competitive FX conversion rates.

We were able to achieve all of the above by embedding the Airwallex FX engine and payments infrastructure into our product stack. Airwallex’s proprietary tech infrastructure enables a programmatic money movement network which penetrates across more than 100 countries (and counting), and integrates with more than 80 banks around the world.

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