10Clouds partners with ING on SAIO – robotic process automation software

09.05.2022 | 4 min read

10Clouds is collaborating with global banking leader ING Group to deliver the SAIO solution to the customers in Poland. SAIO is an automation software solution dedicated to supporting a variety of industries. Through the use of software robots, this product improves business operations, and helps in customer relations, while guaranteeing stability and security.

Why do we believe in robotic process automation software like SAIO?

We believe in digital transformation that goes beyond a buzzword. Robotic process automation software (RPA) immensely contributes to business enhancement and productivity. This kind of automation software is rule-based, which eliminates repetitive tasks and enhances customer experience.

Furthermore – SAIO is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and its name is an adequate abbreviation of its slogan “Say Hi to AI”.

SAIO empowers companies to optimize their business processes without the need to hire additional staff. 10Clouds will implement the SAIO platform and write additional scripts.

We are excited to partner with ING  to work on the SAIO solution. The partnership with ING brings unique value that we can now offer to our customers.

Our mission is to foster digital transformation among financial institutions which would not be fully possible without the RPA solutions offered by SAIO. In today’s modern world the only way to effectively streamline business processes is to automate them. It makes the process less human-dependent and more cost-effective.

Bartosz Kraczkowski, Director of Consulting Services - Banking & FinTech


Benefits of implementing RPA

10Clouds will implement SAIO for clients. That means, companies can expect:

  • reduced costs for a number of different processes
  • the ability to register invoices on a massive scale
  • functionality dedicated to the reconciliation of balances
  • creation and management of employee files
  • information retrieval from generally available databases for the purpose of issuing loan approvals

… and much more.

Use cases of RPA in different areas of work

ING’s SAIO can help with business processes dedicated to human resources (HR), bookkeeping, corporate purchases, operations, and IT. It can also handle know-your-customer (KYC) demands. Here’s how:

HR:  onboarding new employees, updating information about staff, allowing automatic creation, and publishing job offers. It can also act as an automated tool for communication with employees.

Bookkeeping:  Processing invoices, and creating files for suppliers and receivers. It serves as a solution for forecasting cash flows, and activation of fixed assets.

KYC: Data storage and cyclical customer verification.

Business operations: a document management system, automated customer service, and document classification solution.

IT can also be supported. SAIO offers an automated ticket system and user access management.

The benefits of robotic process automation software?

In a nutshell, it boosts productivity. These kinds of products improve efficiency and generate savings. They also improve business data security, produce data for analytics, create a better customer service experience and create opportunities for further business scaling.

The best part about 10Clouds working with ING SAIO, is that we will write scripts on this platform specific to customers’ needs. That means no single implementation will be the same. It will always be tailored. Since the software is flexible, robots are matched to industry’s and client’s specific processes, not the other way around.

According to Gartner, robotic process automation software is about to grow at double-digit rates through 2024. That’s a huge market, which means an opportunity for growth and real, not imaginary, business needs.

10Clouds can help with RPA implementation, integration, and further scaling

Through the writing and adjusting of cross-functional and cross-application macros for ING’s SAIO, 10Clouds can help you in many ways. We can use our scripts for robotic process automation software to:

  • open emails and attachments
  • log into web/enterprise applications
  • move files and folders
  • automate the process of filling in forms
  • read and write to databases
  • connect to system APIs
  • extract structured data from documents
  • follow if/then rules

Two of these benefits stand out. The ability to extract data is one of them. Anyone with a little skill can gather and store data, but if you can’t make a sense of it, it’s rather useless. That’s why structured information is so important. It helps automation software to make sense of a large quantity of data and provide recommendations. Or, in this case, perform automated tasks.

The second not so obvious benefit is following automated rules. With scripts provided by 10Clouds, written to accommodate individual needs, we can offer our clients a fully automated experience, freeing the staff from mundane activities. This will improve the overall experience and generate additional time for more creative work.

Through this cooperation, 10Clouds can offer enhanced solutions for the FinTech sector and beyond, since SAIO can be used in multiple industries. It’s not designed to exclusively serve the banking sector.

As says Kamil Czerniak, Business Development Manager at ING Usługi dla Biznesu S.A.:

We are very happy to partner with 10Clouds on this solution. With a deep understanding of the banking industry, culture, and current needs, the company can deliver seamless integration of our solution and tailor it for specific needs.

Since our automation software has been designed to accommodate various challenges across multiple business units and departments, 10Clouds can integrate it for virtually every company.

If you want to automate your processes and can relieve your employees from performing the same tasks time and time again, consider using 10Clouds services for optimal results.

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