With 10C Backing, G-Coin® Can Be Traded on a Global Exchange

02.08.2022 | 2 min read

With a help of 10Clouds, G-Coin® can be traded on a global exchange

Owning gold is a great investment, but what if you don't have anywhere to keep it? Fortunately, that’s no longer an issue. G-Coin®, a digital title of ownership that represents 1 gram of Responsible Gold®, is accessible for trade in 76 countries on CrossTower, the world's fastest-growing crypto, and digital asset exchange. The only thing that G-Coin® needed was to introduce a public blockchain version of the G-Coin® token. 10Clouds, a trusted partner of DeFi and blockchain companies, helped make it happen.

G-Coin® is available in most of the United States.

G-Coin® is a product of Qenta (former Emergent Technology). G-Coin® combines the best qualities of traditional gold, such as stability, security, and value confidence, with the benefits of digital currency innovation.

G-Coin® and other digital assets can now be traded on CrossTower in the United States. The best thing about G-Coin® is that users can buy and sell it with full confidence and safety. Also, thanks to tokenization users can get a digital gold ownership certificate in smaller amounts than is customary on the physical gold market. Users can buy as little as 0.25g.

“Many traders are keen to manage cryptocurrency volatility while avoiding the burden of physical storage for gold. Our partnership with CrossTower enables these traders to purchase G-Coin® as a natural hedge for their portfolios,” said Brent de Jong, chairman and CEO of Qenta

“Blending asset classes to maximize return and minimize volatility is critical, and G-Coin® provides an alternative to enhance portfolio performance through stability, liquidity, and effective diversification. At the same time, G-Coin allows customers to access a bullish gold market more conveniently and in smaller quantities than is typical for physical gold,” de Jong added.

Switching Between the Blockchains

G-Coin® was initially released on a private blockchain, but it was later deployed on the public blockchain as well, and it now works on both at the same time.

The blockchain and fintech software development and consulting firm 10Clouds helped make this journey easier for Qenta.,In order to leverage the power of the Ethereum Blockchain, the 10Clouds team supported the deployment of the QoS-Ethereum bridge that allowed transfers of G-Coin® tokens between the public and private blockchains.

Why Does Using Public Blockchain Pay Off

The reason why Qenta introduced G-Coin® tokens built on Ethereum was to broaden the appeal of G-Coin® and bring it to new clients.

Although private blockchains have numerous advantages, including limited network utilization, which increases network speed and efficiency, public blockchains such as Ethereum may be a better option for some commercial users.

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