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Development 2017.02.10

Xcode tips and tricks to make your daily work easier

Krzysztof Bogacz iOS Developer 3 min read

Xcode is still not perfect, but we all have to admit that each iteration makes a real difference. Let’s take a glimpse at what you can squeeze out from Xcode to make working with it…

Development 2016.12.01

Infrastructure as code 101. Part 1: what, why, how?

Justyna Janczyszyn Back-end Developer 6 min read

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to program your infrastructure just like you do with your software? To ditch the need to perform a lot of tedious manual tasks every time you need to…

Development 2016.10.26

Watch out! These industries will thrive thanks to the chatbot boom

Kasia Kramnik Content Manager 3 min read

Smart businesses follow their users around the mobile ecosystem and it was just a matter of time when native app interaction started moving to conversational interfaces – chatbots, for example. With ca 90% of time…

Development 2016.10.07

5 common mistakes in developing maintainable apps

Anna Warzecha Head of 10Clouds Wrocław 5 min read

Over the years, I have struggled with quite a few apps you could call old. The apps had been written in various technologies, but I have found some problems that all of them shared, even…

Development 2016.09.20

Party Parrot iOS app: integrating Slack, Google and timeION

Kasia Kramnik Content Manager 2 min read

On Hackdays, 10Clouds team members have an opportunity to put their everyday projects aside and come up with new ideas to improve 10Clouds as a company. It can be anything: web and mobile apps, product…

Development 2016.09.09

Ice, fire and the human factor in web development: memories from JSConf Iceland

Marta Sztybor Front-end Developer 6 min read

The first things you see through the window as the plane approaches the Keflavik airport are a lunar landscape and glaciers. Could you imagine a more exotic place for a JavaScript conference? I was so…