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01.04.2020 | 4 min read

Even twenty years ago, if somebody had told you that you’ll be able to access your online banking using just the image of your face, or that you could take a photo of your food and get a rough estimate of your calorie intake, you may not have believed them. Yet in 2020, image recognition is already becoming one of the most accessible applications of machine learning, and it’s set to continue expanding into new fields at a rapid rate.

At 10Clouds, we’re proud to be working with Trust Stamp, a global leader in the field of identity verification. Its technology is already being used in FinTech, banking, real estate and law enforcement, as well as humanitarian and development services. To read our interview with Scott Francis, the CTO of TrustStamp, click here.

There is also a growing range of image recognition apps that we’ve been observing with interest and we wanted to share with you the ones which we think are the most innovative and useful.

Google Lens

Google Lens enables you to scan and translate text in real time, to look up words, add events to your calendar, call a number that you’ve taken a photo of, or just copy and paste to save time. Additional features allow you to scan food menus to see what’s popular and take photos of clothes and accessories, with the app then linking you to similar-looking items in different stores. You can even identify plants and animals just by taking a photo of them.

Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Rekognition, shares a lot of the features of Google Lens, but also focuses on providing highly accurate facial analysis and facial search capabilities which you can use to detect, analyze, and compare faces for a wide variety of user verification and public safety purposes. Finally, it can also be used for the purposes of unsafe content detection in both images and video. The ‘constantly learning’ image recognition tool is intuitive to integrate and use.


Talkwalker is an online and social data analytics software company specialized in listening, analytics and reporting that empowers its users to analyze online conversations on social networks in 187 languages. Its image recognition technology enables companies to search a database of over 30,000 logos, as well as scenes and objects to help them with analyzing the impact of their own marketing efforts and to be immediately aware of when someone posts about their brand.


This image recognition tool allows users to search for images using other images. Its products include Clarifai Predict, which captures data about the physical world through images and processes video 100 times faster than a human could. It can also analyze text in real-time and offer responses to conversations. It can be useful for everything from product discovery to face verification and audience insights. Clarifai also provides its users with simple tools to create, combine and update AI in the enterprise.


LogoGrab, as its name suggests, detects logos and marks at scale in images and videos. Designed for tech companies, ad agencies, and brands, it focuses on engagement and monetization across social platforms. It is therefore the go-to tool for social media marketers. It also has the additional benefit of integrating seamlessly into most pre-existing platforms.


Slightly different to the above platforms, this one hones in on a very specific area of consumer life, namely healthy eating. CalorieMama boasts a “smart camera app that uses deep learning to track nutrition from food images.” This means that all the user needs to do is to take a photo of their meal in order to get the latest nutritional information. The app’s food AI API has been trained on cuisine from all over the world to make highly accurate calorie judgements.

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Photo by Fidel Fernando on Unsplash

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