AIConsole and Fintech combined: 10Clouds at Frankfurt Digital Finance

15.02.2024 | 3 min read

February in Frankfurt was electrified with talk of financial markets and the groundbreaking potential of AI at the Frankfurt Digital Finance conference. Karol Stępień, CEO of 10Clouds Financial Institutions, and Bartłomiej Głowacki, CCO of AIConsole had the opportunity to delve into these exciting topics, shining a light on the significant role of successful product discovery and innovative AI solutions in the financial sector.

What sets events like the Frankfurt Digital Finance apart, is their ability to foster genuine connections — a rather small setting where discussions transcend mere small talk and delve into the meat of matters like Fintech and GenAI.

The regulatory hurdle

A recurring theme was regulation within AI and finance, unsurprising given the stringent compliance demands of the industry. The opening day seamlessly merged these weighty discussions against the idyllic backdrop of the city’s wonderful Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten, as conversations ventured through the evolving realm of open banking and the fast-paced digitization of the sector across international markets.

How do we navigate from the curiosity surrounding genAI to practical, robust fintech deployments?

Our philosophy anchors in agility — starting with swift, manageable steps, capitalizing on observations, and iterating based on tangible insights rather than speculative marathons of planning.

This philosophy proved to be a beacon throughout the event, underscoring actionable pathways from ideation to implementation.

The spotlight moment

Karol and Bartłomiej’s presence was felt especially during Day 1’s captivating discussions on the future of GenAI. Not only was AIConsole’s CCO promoting the console on stage, but he also set the groundwork for the upcoming funding phase and further development of AIConsole — a tool too promising for any fintech to overlook.

Amid the outstanding cuisine and electric atmosphere, a genuine openness to dialogue seemed palpable, which is a refreshing rarity in bustling conference scenes. With circa 500 attendees all keen to dissect and delve into the nitty-gritty of financial markets and AI, Frankfurt’s event underscored the industry’s commitment to understanding and aligning with fresh regulatory frameworks.

Unveiling the AIConsole

The anticipation built up to February 8th, where AIConsole was introduced — an orchestrator set to streamline financial institutions' intricate processes. Our innovative platform was showcased as a beacon of efficiency for functions such as customer service, credit processes, and compliance.

Pitching our solution on the main stage was a moment of celebration for us, demonstrating our holistic approach to introducing AI within financial institutions via AIConsole.

The presentation showcased the cost-effectiveness of Prototypes and PoCs, the reflective nature of AIConsole on our product discovery approach, and the foresight that the victors in the AI space will not necessarily be the early adopters but those who foster teams fluent in AI-assisted operations.

In a world where fintech tools are as varied as the challenges they aim to tackle, we introduced AIConsole as a product testament to 10Clouds' meticulous product discovery methodologies.

Here’s how it stands to transform the landscape:

Enhancing Customer Service Support

AIConsole promises to elevate the customer service experience, providing support that is both heightened in quality and efficiency, ensuring customer interactions are smoother and more productive.

Streamlining Internal Knowledge-Base Research

Reducing time spent on sifting through internal data, AIConsole aids in quick retrieval of relevant information, thereby boosting the productivity bar.

Amplifying Sales and Advisory Support

The platform brings a revolutionary change to sales and advisory realms by providing insights drawn from a deep understanding of data patterns—a true game-changer for gaining a competitive edge.

Supporting Loan Applications

By automating the grunt work in loan processing, AIConsole frees up valuable human expertise to focus on more complex, nuanced tasks, while maintaining a high level of due diligence.

Enhancing AML Monitoring

With meticulous attention to ever-evolving AML requirements, AIConsole ensures compliance processes are stringent yet streamlined, minimizing risk while maximizing operational flow.

Attending Frankfurt Digital Finance provided a remarkable opportunity to showcase how 10Clouds' innovative DNA is driving the future of FinTech. As we look ahead, events like these underscore our commitment to couple technical ingenuity with practical financial solutions.

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