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Cloud Migration Made Easy

Simplify your shift to AWS with 10Clouds’ comprehensive strategies, ensuring swift, secure transitions for every application.

Cloud Transition Strategy
Crafting a thorough plan for moving from on-premise to AWS.
AWS Lift & Shift Migration
Seamlessly migrating existing applications to the AWS environment.
AWS Re-Architecting
Elevating legacy systems with re-architecting for AWS optimization.
Continuous Support
Providing persistent support and guidance throughout the AWS migration.

Why Migrate Your App to AWS

Why Migrate Your App to AWS


Migrate your legacy systems to AWS for increased agility and resilience.

Scale on Demand

Transition to AWS for instant scalability during critical business peaks.

Data Protection

Move on-premise to AWS cloud for better data security and compliance.

OpEx Reduction

Transition to a flexible, cost-efficient OpEx model with AWS migration.

Tech Modernization

Revitalize your technology stack during AWS cloud migration phases.

Disaster Recovery

Establish robust disaster recovery protocols with AWS's reliable backup.

Benefits of Migrating to AWS with 10Clouds

Discover the integral benefits of transitioning your application to AWS with the expert guidance of 10Clouds.

Secure Transition

Maintain the integrity and confidentiality of data during AWS migration.

No Disruption

Experience no downtime and UX drops as you transition your systems to AWS.

AWS Expertise

Gain from our AWS Select Partnership in planning and executing migration.

Resource Optimization

Optimize resource utilization for cost-efficiency with AWS cloud tools.

Innovation Leap

Adopt advanced technologies faster in the agile AWS ecosystem.

AWS for all use-cases

AWS for all use-cases

Serverless E-commerce

Build an e-commerce platform with AWS Lambda functions, eliminating the need for servers and allowing for easy scalability.

Real-time Analytics

Process and analyze data in real-time with AWS Kinesis and Lambda, allowing for quick decision-making.

Cloud-based Gaming

Build cloud-based gaming platforms with AWS GameLift and Lambda, providing seamless gameplay experiences.

Automated Customer Service

Use AWS Lex and Lambda to create chatbots that can handle customer inquiries 24/7, improving customer satisfaction.

IoT Data Processing

Process and analyze large amounts of IoT data with AWS IoT and Lambda, providing valuable insights for businesses.

Containerized Applications

Develop and deploy containerized applications with AWS ECS and EKS, allowing for efficient and scalable application management.

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Meet our cloud-development team

From AWS cloud development to DevOps to SOCaaS, we're ready to help.

Bartosz Jędrzejewski
Cloud DevOps Engineer
Jakub Bondyra
Cloud DevOps Engineer
Michał Machowski
Lead Cloud Engineer (DevOps)
Kamil Herbik headshot
Kamil Herbik
Cloud DevOps Engineer
Maciej Mazur
Cloud DevOps Engineer

See some examples of our work

Trust Stamp - Lite ID

Trust Stamp’s mission is to create transformational technology that accelerates secure societal and financial inclusion. One of its projects is Lite ID - an app for secure data sharing. The company reached out to 10Clouds for support with building this platform.

Idenitity Verification
Machine Learning
AWS Development
AWS Development
Trust Stamp - Lite ID case study image

Zexus Finance

Our contribution included designing the product, integrating Amazon Web Services, developing a backend application using Python, and configuring a Kubernetes environment for Zexus Finance. The platform offers a range of NFT financing options that are innovative and diverse. A prominent feature of Zexus Finance is its support for operations that are customizable and don't require permission.

Product Design
AWS Development
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DCLEX engaged our services to comprehensively design and create their blockchain-oriented stock market platform. We furnished a suite of AWS functionalities comprising a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Relational Database Service (RDS), ElastiCache with Redis, Simple Storage Service (S3), and Amplify for this project.

AWS Development
End-to-end Development
End-to-end Development
case study image


What is AWS migration?


AWS migration involves moving applications, databases, and other systems from an on-premise or different cloud setup to Amazon Web Services (AWS), for better scalability, security, and cost savings.

Why migrate to AWS cloud?


Migrating to AWS can bring numerous benefits including enhanced scalability, improved resilience, and the flexibility of a pay-per-use pricing model which can lead to significant cost savings.

ow to prepare for migration?


Preparation involves assessing your current infrastructure, planning for scale and security needs, and partnering with a knowledgeable AWS migration service provider such as 10Clouds.

Why choose 10Clouds?


As the AWS Select Partner, 10Clouds offers extensive AWS migration expertise, personalized strategies for your applications, and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition to - and continuous optimization on - AWS.

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