New products by 10Clouds are now in GPT Store

14.11.2023 | 3 min read

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our two custom GPT products for ChatGPT users - Design Mentor and Build with 10Clouds. They are now available in the GPT store for your use, and are designed to offer incredibly practical AI-based solutions for diverse teams. We hope you’ll give them a try.

Design Mentor as your extra pair of eyes

First off, we present the cutting-edge AI-powered product we called the Design Mentor. Imagine having a seasoned product designer literally at your beck and call, who is there to refine all your interface design ideas.

Design Mentor takes your commands as input, analyzes your project, and offers viable, high-quality, and practical feedback that revamps your designs and pinch-hits any aesthetic or functionality issues.

The highly-efficient Design Mentor is not just about providing a second opinion. It is here to introduce a new angle, a fresh perspective that can light up unexplored pathways, too, and bring attention to elements you might have missed while creating your interface. It's not your everyday design tool, but rather a guide to get you through your creative journey at the click of a button.

Build with 10Clouds to refine your project briefs

Our next GPT addition is called Build with 10Clouds. It's your expert accomplice when it's time to turn ideas into action. In this case, imagine having a seasoned sales account manager who has been part of hundreds of projects, working right beside you.

Build with 10Clouds is crafted to facilitate you in creating and sprucing up your project briefs. It's an interactive AI tool that engages with you by asking pertinent questions and generating project briefs based on the information you provide.

Build with 10Clouds ensures your project plans are not just jargon-filled documents but purposeful, concise, and crystal-clear maps for your project’s success.

Building custom AI tools for all industries

With these two offerings, we are making strides in aligning the ChatGPT usage with not just technological, but also creative and administrative efficiency.

Design Mentor and Build with 10Clouds are the products of AI Labs, our internal department dedicated to custom AI development.

Within the framework of AI Labs, 10Clouds has developed AIConsole, a remarkable tool that epitomizes the essence of end-user empowerment and hyper-personalization. AIConsole is an open-source desktop enhancement of OpenAI’s GPT models, designed to offer a personal AI universe that grows and improves with use.

In 2023, we also developed 10Minions - a VS Code plugin that introduces a swarm of AI coding assistants to your workflow, as well as 10Clouds Assistant, our internal tool that helps research company data, next to numerous custom AI solutions for our clients.

Explore the potential AI development can bring to your business too. We’re here to help your product thrive with tailor-made AI functionalities.

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