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Why 10Clouds is the place for freelance and contract projects

We’re 10Clouds, named as one of the Fastest Growing Technology Companies in Central Europe by Deloitte and Financial Times. We’re on a mission to help our clients change the world through technology. We’ve won a number of awards for our work and have worked with a vast range of companies, from start-ups to large corporations such as Pinterest, Baidu and Orange.

We pride ourselves on being a modern IT company with a great pool of talent. If you join us, you’ll be given the opportunity to work with experienced developers and designers with a fantastic work ethic.

At 10Clouds, we’ve been working in dispersed teams since our inception, and we have all the tools in place to enable everyone to work remotely and flexibly. 

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Why choose 10Clouds?


Work from wherever you want, and flex your hours to suit your lifestyle.

Cutting-edge tech

We work using a broad range of the latest technologies and systems.

Great work ethic

Our project managers take care of every team member and place a focus on ensuring a good work-life balance.

Ready to come on board?

If you’re ready to take part in exciting, well-managed projects and develop your skills, there are just a few simple steps that you need to follow to join our community and get access to our projects:

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Take part in a fast-track recruitment process

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Freelancers we’re regularly looking for:


Python Developers

JavaScript Developers

Mobile Developers

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Check out some of our recent projects

Trust Stamp

TrustStamp, a leading provider of AI-powered identity solutions, partnered with 10Clouds to overcome development and staffing challenges and achieved remarkable success.

10Clouds helped developed TrustStamp's state of the art proof of liveliness solution for KYC and computer vision tools for document verification.

This collaboration led to full-scale implementation, adoption by strategic partners, and TrustStamp's debut on NASDAQ.

The partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation, solidifying TrustStamp's position as a trusted identity solution provider.

Trust Stamp case study image


KeyForge is a new card game released by Fantasy Flight Games. 10Clouds built an official mobile and web application for it. With Master Vault, users can quickly scan their cards, add notes or track their stats.

Keyforge case study image

COVID-19 info verification platform

The University of Pennsylvania, Cognitive Computation Group approached 10Clouds to build the UX/UI and frontend development of their platform.

Given a user input query, the platform uses a search engine to get a list of relevant webpages that discuss the topic related to COVID-19.

Machine Learning
Information Supply Navigation
Information Supply Navigation
COVID-19 info verification platform  case study image

Frequently asked questions

  • How soon will I be allocated a project?

Our ‘time to fill’ is a maximum of 10 days, which is the time that it takes to be allocated a project. Contract signing usually takes place within 48 hours, unless in the given job post, we’ve given a specific starting date - e.g. that we’re looking for someone to start in two weeks’ time.

  • How long will my project last?

This will vary depending on the job post. There are some positions that we need for two weeks, others are needed for longer projects which last over three months. The latter is more common, but please refer to the job post for details.

  • How do you fill gaps between projects?

Before the end of a contract, our assignment team will check whether there are any other projects to which you can be allocated. We can’t guarantee that we will fill gaps between projects, but we’ll do our best to find you a new project.

  • What are your standard working hours?

Our standard working hours are very flexible. However, if a project is for an international client in a different time zone (e.g. USA), there might be some late afternoon/early evening meetings. We will always let you know well in advance if this is the case.

  • Who takes care of contract workers at 10Clouds? 

We pride ourselves on taking care of every member of staff at 10Clouds, regardless of whether they are permanent or on contract. Each of our projects is managed by an Agile PM who uses Scrum to ensure effective and timely delivery. We also have experienced developers ready to support and onboard contractors.

  • What’s your payment procedure?

We ask you to fill out your time log in JIRA, issue us an invoice and email it to our Finance Team. Your payment will be processed within 28 days.

  • Could you tell me more about your holiday and sick leave policies?

We don’t offer holiday or sick leave to contractors.

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