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Meet 10Minions Visual Studio Code extension - your army of AI-Powered coding buddies.

Code smarter, not harder.

Translate complex tasks into simple directives, streamline your process, and collaborate with minions for optimum solutions. Launch several AI-driven bots at the same time and handle various elements of your codebase at the same time. Work with any programming language, as 10Minions are an extension that is seamlessly integrated with Visual Studio Code.

What makes us different and loved by devs?

Supercharging coding

By leveraging advanced GPT-4 and GPT 3.5 Turbo 16k models but with a tailored multi-stage process to get your tasks done in no time!

Eliminating copy ‘n paste

Novel UI solution: your minions work for you under the hood instead of you being an intermediary between chat and code

Programming in various languages

Simultaneous deployment of multiple minions across various programming languages signifies a major leap in the realm of AI-powered coding tools.

Sounds good, right? Just take a look at these numbers we got from our devs

less time spent on complex assignments
 fewer bugs in their code

10Minions are here to help you

Translate complex coding into natural language directives

Say goodbye to the days of puzzling over complicated coding tasks alone - give directions to minions and they will support you with any challenge!

Streamline coding across multiple files

Effortlessly navigate through multiple files, making modifications and updates with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Work in all languages

No matter the language, you can rely on minions to provide accurate and reliable assistance throughout your coding journey.

Do you like boosting your productivity with AI?

So do we! When we think of AI, we can’t help but think of the endless possibilities it could bring. We are working on a few secret projects that will be shared for free in the upcoming months - so it would be good to stay in touch!

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