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Get a professional MLOps Team to structure your Machine Learning project. The result? Significant time and cost savings, and deeper, more consistent insights from machine learning.

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Today, machine learning is no longer the domain of only the most pioneering companies. In some industries, in order to be successful, you simply cannot ignore it. Effectively implemented AI will not only enable your business to build innovative solutions to users’ needs, but will also help you to stand head and shoulders above the competition.

So why do so many companies shy away from AI? It’s mainly to do with the difficulty of getting the right infrastructure in place. These are just some of the elements that are needed:

  • Strategic early data collection
  • Assembling a team of highly skilled and educated ML engineers
  • Developing an AI solutions-based strategy
  • Creating an organized scientific approach for research and development using MLOps
  • Finding the right model
  • Training the framework
  • Developing the criteria of success for the ML solution
  • Deploying an easily scalable robust solution that can be used by the entire user base without visible slowdown of the system.

Here’s where 10Clouds can help

It is obvious that this is a complex new field that requires expertise in multiple different areas. We can help. Our skilled Machine Learning Team is here to help you assemble all the components you need.

What business problems does MLOps solve?

There are multiple challenges that we face when we move from researching to developing Machine Learning for a final product that will be used by users. Here’s where MLOps can help. Some of these problems that we found and try to solve using MLops are:

Lack of communication between machine learning and Ops teams

MLOps combines the expertise of the ML team, along with that of project managers, finance and deployment teams, leveraging all skillsets and resulting in much more efficient processes.

Time expectation and risk assessment.

The journey from the original idea through to R&D execution is a long one, which means that sometimes the projects drifts away from the original brief and becomes more difficult to maintain and check. Here’s where MLOps steps in to keep projects on track.

Problems with finding skills researchers and testers

There are still relatively few people on the market who are able to both research and train machine learning models but at the same time know how to deploy these models. With MLOps, this is no longer a concern.

Failing to keep up with new regulations and best practice

MLOps places your Ops team at the forefront of the latest regulations, allowing them to focus on compliance and leaving data scientists to do their job.

What type of MLOps support can 10Clouds offer?

Here at 10Clouds, we’ve been particularly focussing on MLOPs, with the aim of helping our clients to streamline their ML processes, save time and cost. We want to enable them to deliver deeper, more consistent insights from machine learning.

Business benefits of working with our MLOps Team

  • Increase team productivity and communication between inside and outside project members.
  • Provide faster deployment which leads to a significant reduction in product cycle improvements
  • Increase the accuracy and efficiency of models which leads to better customer experience
  • Provide AI features to the product faster more organized and with better overall results.

Proof of Concept (PoC) of an AI solution

Creating a Proof of Content (PoC) for a Machine Learning solution doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming process. You needn’t spend a fortune on hiring an army of ML engineers and then waiting months for a PoC result.

At 10Clouds, our aim is to provide you with an effective and simple solution. Here’s what we do:

  • We build our tailored AI vision for your business
  • We use our experience in-house team of ML engineers
  • We find the data you need to make it happen
  • We create an initial PoC with a potential solution to your challenge
  • Based on the results of the above, you can make a decision about whether you want to progress to the next stage of development or if you want to pivot.

Trust Stamp

TrustStamp, a leading provider of AI-powered identity solutions, partnered with 10Clouds to overcome development and staffing challenges and achieved remarkable success.

10Clouds helped developed TrustStamp's state of the art proof of liveliness solution for KYC and computer vision tools for document verification.

This collaboration led to full-scale implementation, adoption by strategic partners, and TrustStamp's debut on NASDAQ.

The partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation, solidifying TrustStamp's position as a trusted identity solution provider.

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“One of the other major issues in today’s world is that as individuals we have too much of our data stored in too many places. This makes your data only as secure as the weakest holder of it. We think the concept of zero-knowledge proofs paired with an identity solution such as our biometric hash is a very powerful technology that will not only improve privacy but also data security.”
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