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How we learned to be mothers,
Designed and developed with moms in mind.

About the project

GlucoseMama iOS app is the first digital therapeutic system for gestational diabetes (GDM). We have built an application which connects pregnant mothers and medical experts in the effort to make all moms' lives both easier and healthier.


Product Advisory, Branding, UI/UX Design, Mobile Development



The Challenge

Up to 10% of expectant mothers develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Women with GDM confront a variety of difficulties and need to perform a complete lifestyle change. Usually, the diagnosis comes with the screening test around the third trimester. After half an hour with the doctor and (not necessarily) 15 minutes more with a dietician, they need to start measuring their blood glucose levels several times a day, take strict control over their diet, and don't lose track of anything. Pretty tough task to do, with such a brief introduction.

The most challenging part of working on GlucoseMama was to deliver a solution built especially for mothers, which would not only help and guide them with day-to-day management of GDM, but also to give them knowledge about what to eat, and motivation to keep logging no matter what.

Discovery phase

The first step in our process was to conduct strategic workshops with the client to extract the whole idea. Durning workshops we used a couple of techniques:
  • Buisness Model Canvas
  • Personas
  • User journeys
  • Rapid prototyping

Key functionalities

The iOS app consists of two main focuses - on logging blood sugar levels, and on planning meals and registering the daily carbohydrates intake. These, combined with a playful design and a reward system, makes GlucoseMama not just a tool, but a companion and emotional support in gestational diabetes management.



There's a lot of details related to logging blood glucose. It's the value which comes from the glucometer measurement, the time when it was taken, the mood a user was in, and additional notes, which the doctors advise to take. All of this combined in one simple screen.

Carbs Tracking

Carbs Tracking

In this case it's not only logging meals. Our goal was to show the women the recommended choices - the ones which will benefit both their own and the baby's well being.



Every major step taken in GlucoseMama comes with a reward. The fact that you succesfully did your first log, chose the right food to eat, or kept tracking your health data up until the baby's birth - these are the reasons to stay positive.

Iterative development and design

We didn't have a design team and a development team - all the people involved in creating the app were part of one single Scrum Team. We worked in frequent iterations so that our client could give us lots of feedback. That way we stayed on the same page during the whole time.


months of sprint




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working MVP

10Clouds provides exceptional design, functionality, and development all under one roof. Plus, they are amazing folks to work with. Outstanding in every way!

Catherine jones

Catherine jones

Werbie LLC, CEO & Founder of GlucoseMama


Branding, UI/UX Design,
Mobile Development


Branding, UI/UX Design,
Mobile Development

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