10Clouds Named One of the Best IT Outsourcing Companies Worldwide

11.09.2017 | 5 min read

We’re happy to announce that 10Clouds was featured by Clutch among the top 15 outsourcing IT companies. Hooray for us!

Does this make us a better company than before? What do we get from the fact that we added another award to our trophy shelf? Surprisingly, a lot. Awards and recognitions look nice on a website and in a glass showcase in the office. They certainly draw attention and encourage customers to get in touch. But not always they relate to the services a company offers.

In the case of Clutch rankings, you can find out a lot about a company and the actual work it does for clients.

How companies are evaluated on Clutch

Put simply, Clutch is a directory of real opinions of customers on the companies they’ve worked with. The factors evaluated actually reflect what clients care about when picking a subcontractor:

  • Product quality: How satisfied are you with the deliverables?
  • Schedule: Was the project finished on schedule?
  • Cost: Did you get the value you expected within the estimated budget?
  • NPS: Would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?

Every criterion is measured on a scale from 0 to 5, and 15 companies that achieve the highest average score enter the ranking.

However, that’s only one part of the story.

It’s not all in the numbers

If it were only about the numbers, the evaluation wouldn’t bring much value to your search for the most suitable business partner. Luckily, Clutch provides clients with a lot of space for individual detailed feedback. References and personal recommendations speak not only of the company, but also the things you care about as a client.

Below you’ll find quotes from our clients who shared their impressions. You’ll notice that people usually care about the more detailed aspects of work than the ones you can measure with numbers.

What makes a top software development company

Project management

“One of the reasons for choosing 10Clouds was their experience with Agile, which made giving them detailed tasks very easy. Through daily stand-ups and proactive questioning, 10Clouds handled the project well.”

Understanding of the project

You know you’re giving your client truly strong support when you start to understand their product so well you can come up with solutions the client wouldn’t think of.

“The meeting I had with 10Clouds was the one where I got the best feedback from what I described and needed. They really understood my project and I felt confident that they could do something good with it.”

High standards

“The designs created by 10Clouds exceeded every initial expectation. Their user-focused approach to design and development were particularly beneficial for when applied to the healthcare industry, and their strong project management made them an effective partner.”

10Clouds did a good job in defining both what the product should be and how it should be presented.


“They’re very reliable and accommodating. […] They take care of any issues. They have a strong work ethic. They have a lot of integrity and some great design sensibilities.”

“I spent three to four years in Silicon Valley, I have friends who run tech companies, and 10Clouds offices would stack up with anything I’ve seen in the Valley. They’ve got a meticulous approach to Scrum development and they’ve built a culture around it. It was an impressive office visit.”


“10Clouds has a very powerful team, with young, fresh, and innovative developers. I’ve liked working with them very much. 10Clouds is professional, with good knowledge, but they’re also trying new things in order to get the job done.”

I think the products that they have delivered have always been of extremely good quality.


“[The team meetings] were mostly with the project manager, but the other staff was also present. We also had discussions over their messaging system so that we could chat during the day. The UX developer had another system for showing me how he envisioned the platform. […] Then, I could come in and comment on them. They used JIRA, which made it easy for them to track who is doing what. It also allowed me to share data and see their progress.”

“I’ve appreciated our constant interaction process with 10Clouds. We’ve discussed problems together, finding the best solution, instead of 10Clouds simply executing our requests. They’re in touch with the latest market trends and technology.”

I’ve always felt that we were able to sit down with 10Clouds and work any problems out.
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Willingness to walk an extra mile

“They are very professional and they deliver what they promise and even a bit more. […] I am actually surprised at how much I got.”

“One of the most positive things I can say is that they are eager to improve certain aspects of their business in order to make our lives easier. Whenever something doesn’t work out as expected, we can communicate with 10Clouds. They offer solutions and try to improve the way in which they do things.”

The team members become very engaged with the project as a business, not just as a coding exercise.

Wrapping up

Awards may feel awesome for a moment, but without the context, they’re just another knick-knack you can put on your website or in your office.

Praise from clients always makes us feel ecstatic, no matter the size of the project. But the ultimate level of awesomeness happens when you want to offer customer delight, and this is what the clients praise you for.

After achieving this, you should be on cloud 9, but in our case, it’s cloud 10, I suppose 🙂

If you’re looking for a partner to work on your web or mobile product, get in touch!

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