Product Delivery Managers as the future of Agile—10Clouds at SprintED

20.07.2021 | 3 min read

Product Delivery Managers working on an Agile planning board filled with post-it notes

Last week, Joanna Wróbel (Product Delivery Manager) and I took part in the SprintED bootcamp organized by INCO Poland and Dare IT.

During a digital product lifecycle management workshop, they presented the complete lean product development process. This approach allows product owners to focus on delivering the right solutions at the right time so that their product has a good chance to succeed in the market.

About SprintED

SprintED is a 5-day bootcamp in the form of a fully-funded live online course designed to equip participants with the tools and knowledge they need to kickstart a career in tech.

This first conference was focussed on project management, specifically Learn Agile and Scrum methodologies. For participants, the aim was to meet people who worked in the role, and to explore some of the common approaches.

Alongside 10Clouds, presenters included Booksy, Perfect Gym, Netguru, Demant and intive.

Our challenge

Having got to know the participants, we established that most of them hadn’t previously worked in the tech industry and had little experience of software development and Agile methodologies. So we wanted to make our workshops as practically useful as possible, and to start from the basics.

That’s why we started off by answering the following questions:

  • What does it mean to deliver a digital product?
  • What does lean project management involve?

Introducing the full product development lifecycle

We went on to introduce the full product development lifecycle, from discovery, through to early market validation, delivery and maintenance, all the way to hand-off.

We focussed particularly on the first two of these phases, encouraging participants to think proactively about the questions that all product owners should seek the answers to before starting development:

In the Discovery Phase:

  • What do you want to do and for whom?
  • What value will this bring?
  • What return on investment am I looking for?

In the Early Market Validation Phase:

  • Does the market currently need this product or service?

We included several real-life product examples such as Spotify, to showcase the above-mentioned lifecycle in practice and encouraged participants to share their thoughts.

Agile product delivery

Inspiring experience

Feedback from participants was highly positive:

  • 100% of participants said that the knowledge they gained from the workshop gave them a greater understanding of the product development management lifecycle, with 63% describing this gain as ‘significant.’
  • 100% also stated that the knowledge they gained will help them with transitioning to a new career path.

Klaudia Osiak, Project Manager, INCO Polska, says:

"Joanna and Urszula went through the full life cycle of a digital product with the bootcamp participants. They paid attention to the most important things in product delivery management. They shared their knowledge in an accessible and interesting way, thanks to which they motivated participants to continue striving for a career in project management. It was great to see them include real-life examples in their presentation, and the Spotify case will stay in my memory for a long time."

Van Anh Dam, Country Manager, INCO Polska, says:

"It is a great pleasure for us to work with 10Clouds. We are glad that in the Polish IT environment there are companies open to people who are taking their first steps in the tech industry and whose employees are so eager to share their experience. We look forward to many joint initiatives in the future."

10Clouds’ expertise in product development management

Having been on the market for more than 12 years, our approach to working with clients has radically evolved. We are not just delivering projects for clients - instead, we’re cooperating with them on a full product development cycle. We jointly work on different aspects of product delivery, not only at the software development level, but also when it comes to product discovery, product-market fit, user testing, scaling, etc.

We have particular expertise in supporting clients to scope out the specifics of their product offer and to establish whether it has a decent chance of success in the current market. That’s why the Discovery phase and Early Market Validation are our forte.

At SpritED we showcased an introduction to the product development management lifecycle, but we can also deliver workshops on:

  • Product discovery pre-development
  • Testing product viability
  • Implementing Agile processes across your business

...and much more.

Agile product delivery

Future workshops - watch this space!

We’re looking to host a series of webinars or lives in the Fall on some of the above-mentioned subjects, so be sure to check back with us.

Want to figure out what chance of success your product has in the market?

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