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We are a crowdsourcing software developer from Poland

Powerful back-ends

Creating scalable back-end software is one of the things that we are great at. With years of experience in creating software we’ve build our set of web crawlers, recommendation engines and analytics systems for various companies. The most prominent examples are: Mturk-Tracker, Tagasauris, Analytics system for Woow and many others.

We are a mobile app development company from Poland

Mobile and web apps

We create apps for mobile platforms like iOS or Android as well as great looking HTML5 based solutions. Some of the apps that we are most fond of includes Little Farm for Kids an iOS game or IWS an Android application helping professionals in doing their work. If you need a great web app we can do that too, we’ve developed solutions like - Hunie or Tagasauris Photo that are being regularly used by users.

user experience design poland

Focus on user experience design

Great front-end development requires great User Experience. Our UI/UX designers have not only excellent UX knowledge and intuition but also great communication skills which allow them to gather all functional requirements as effectively as possible. We follow a proven process working alongside our clients and potential users to produce mock-ups, sketches or even small prototypes of the app being developed.

software for science development

Software for science

10Clouds takes an active part in helping with scientific research. We do a wide range of tasks from implementing advanced algorithmic solutions for big data sets, through gathering training data for machine learning and last but not least sophisticated data processing.

We specialize in crowdsourcing software development

Cutting edge crowd sourcing software

Crowdsourcing is the way to handle problems that software cannot solve yet or solves poorly. We’ve got years of experience in creating custom solutions for Amazon Mturk and help in development of advanced software like Tagasauris a human assisted computing platform (PaaS) that makes your content smarter or - an easy way to create text classifiers.

We develop enterprise software for small- and medium sized companies

Enterprise 2.0 Software

We strongly belive in the rise of new class of enterprise software that will be easier and more efficient to use within companies. We help small and medium enterprises with development of advanced solutions mainly in areas of finance and procurement and ERP systems.

We are a mobile app development company based in Poland

10Clouds as a CTO

You have an idea, we do all the rest! We’ll provide you with an excellent team, which can work with you for a long time and turn your idea into a cutting-edge application. What's more, we control and manage every step of the production process. Starting from mockups and UX design through technical architecture and finishing on assembling the application itself into a working, shiny product!

It started out small

10Clouds story begun in 2009 in a Ph.D student room at the Warsaw University* where two young, enthusiastic and talented Ph.D students Maciej Cielecki and Michal Kłujszo founded the new company and got their first clients.

After one year of working at the University and running the company side by side the decision was made to stop the Ph.D. course and get fully involved in growing the business. With a single aim - to become a shining star of the region and be the dream work place for engineers. Since that moment 10clouds has bootstrapped to a carefully selected 40 amazing people and is improving all the time.

Maciej and Michał put strong emphasis on technical excellence and growth. Thanks to their talented and engaged team company is able to build great products for clients from all around the world.

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