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Design Products 2016.12.21

What if I told you all product design is trapped in rectangles?

Jacek Suwalski UX Designer 8 min read

Help! Someone turned my thoughts into words and trapped them in a giant rectangle. You can only save me by reading this text! You can treat this part as a TL;DR of this blog post.…

Company 2016.12.16

Last-minute Holiday gift ideas for geeks [SURVEY]

Kasia Kramnik Content Manager 5 min read

Are you falling behind with your gift shopping? Hey, there’s still one weekend left! Maybe you could use a few tips from our geeky Holiday wishlist. Check out the results of our little Holiday gift…

Company 2016.12.09

Soft skills that will make you a piece of gold to IT recruitment teams

Ula Kalinowska HR Specialist 4 min read

Many people reckon programmers are alienated creatures who spend most of their time on delivering new code. Nowadays, no developer is just a geek sitting in a basement living off pizzas, staying completely out of…

Development 2016.12.01

Infrastructure as code 101. Part 1: what, why, how?

Justyna Janczyszyn Back-end Developer 6 min read

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to program your infrastructure just like you do with your software? To ditch the need to perform a lot of tedious manual tasks every time you need to…

Products 2016.11.24

Mastering online meetings. Turn a hurdle race into a well-oiled digital collaboration

Katarzyna Zakrzewska Project Manager 3 min read

In Agile software development, the effectiveness of online meetings is often a matter of life and death of a given project. But how to conduct a successful event when your team is distributed all over…

Products 2016.11.22

Agile methods don’t exist. What does, then?

Jan Ambroziewicz Project Manager 5 min read

Agile is Dead, Long Live Agility. 15 years after the birth of the Manifesto, many of us still don’t get what Dave Thomas meant, and why the heck this meaningful adjective started to work as…