How to help 550k users deal with troubling phone calls.

Callersmart app screen

About the project

CallerSmart is a telephone number directory created by its own users. Our work in this project started from mobile development, but we ended up delivering both mobile and web applications. Together with our client Brian David Crane, we’ve built a tool that makes phone communication safer and easier to manage.


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Web, iOS

CallerSmart Story


During the development of the mobile app, Brian took our collaboration to the next level and asked if we could take care of the overall app backend. We were excited to take on a new mission!

iOS development

The purpose of this product leaves no doubt why we started off with a mobile version - it is the most convenient way to report unsolicited phone calls. After CallerSmart’s successful launch on App Store, we are responsible for the product maintenance and further development.

Web development

Thanks to starting up with the iOS app, we were able to develop the product in a mobile-first approach. The plans are that the web app will serve all the functionalities of the smartphone app. At this point, we’re fully responsible for front-end as well as back-end development.

Key functionalities

To let users get the most of CallerSmart, we needed to build 2 core elements: high-performing data search and engaging features both in terms of generating and utilising the content of the app. Here are the solutions we came up with.

Phone lookup in a snap

Callersmart app screen

Basically, CallerSmart serves as a reverse phone lookup - it connects personal or professional details available online (such as: name, workplace, location, etc.) with a given phone number. The app uses 4 external data sources to find as much information about any number as possible. Every user can add and check whether they are called by spammers, scammers or other potentially dangerous individuals.

Easy, hassle-free caller classification

Callersmart app screen

CallerSmart protects its users from answering unsolicited phone calls and texts by giving them the ability to check who is calling under an unregistered number. Since you may want to avoid a particular caller for different reasons, you can classify and describe each record.

Gamification for active users

Callersmart app screen

The app is frequently used in stressful situations such as cyberbullying. To help the user deal with the difficult situation, CallerSmart was designed with supereasy flow, fun and engagement in mind. Take such features as:

  • Caller IQ
  • Smart Badges earned with Caller IQ growth
  • Trust factor to help identify unwanted callers
  • Funny classifications, e.g. Heartbreaker, Drama Queen or Prankster

After Caller Smart’s successful launch, we are responsible for the product maintenance and further development


550k registered users
150mln records
60k average monthly users
4,5mln lockups and counting


10Clouds is phenomenal at hiring talented Polish engineers, particularly the ones who specialize in Python. We think of Maciej and his team as our CTO.

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