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Royals is an elite social media game based on dynamic user interactions. It allows users to rate each other's profiles, make friendships, and date. Leveling up gives them access to exclusive discounts and events. In this project, 10Clouds made the entire backend and took care of design and development of the iOS app.

Project Name



iOS app design and development, AWS infrastructure, loot box system, DevOps


iOS Application



Our challenge

Most of the action in Royals take place in real time, so the app needed to be based on a reliable infrastructure that would guarantee a perfectly smooth experience. The product is supposed to be an elite online community - its design should not only be intuitive but also reflect the Royal lifestyle.

How we made it happen

10Clouds developed MVP without any delays. We used Amazon Web Services to provide a scalable, fast infrastructure, available to handle complex gamification algorithms. Royals’ design got positive feedback from users, as well as praise from the design community on Behance and Dribbble. Thanks to our work, the company achieved its primary goals - 5,000 downloads in three months, and successful validation of a freemium business model.

Key Functionalities



Delicate gradient colors and soft lines are the crucial elements of Royals’ visual identity. The app we designed is a pleasure to look at and reflects the target audience’s lifestyle. At the same time, it stays intuitive - all of the features are just a couple of taps away.

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