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10Clouds is formed of ambitious professionals, who, thanks to their collective experience and skills, create outstanding digital products for clients around the world. Get to know us better and join us in our mission to change the world through technology.

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A great range of benefits for every employee

Work flexibility

Choose where you would like to work - in one of our offices, or remotely.

Integration budget

Get to know your team better through activities and evenings out, paid for by the company.

MyBenefit Cafeteria

Select from a list of benefits depending on your needs. Options include cinema tickets, family trips or a sports card, among others.

Cozy offices

Our offices are based away from the city centre crowds, but in great locations for transport and amenities.

A choice of technologies

Our project teams are able to choose the technologies they work with.

Medical insurance

We care about every one of our clouds and want them all to stay healthy.

Career path

We are passionate about professional development, and want to find and make the most of our people’s talent.

Salary reviews

We review our employees’ salaries regularly, depending on performance, as we want everyone to feel rewarded for the work they do.

Goodies in the kitchen

Enjoy tea, coffee, fresh fruit, yoghurts and more in our communal kitchen. It’s a great place to hang out!

English lessons

We pay 50% for your English language course.

The recruitment process

There are a few steps in the recruitment process at 10Clouds. Here’s what you can expect when you apply:


CV Review

Our recruitment team has 10 working days to review your CV. Make sure that you clearly outline your skills and show the technologies/tools that you have experience using. Being specific is crucial.


HR Interview

This part takes about 45 minutes to complete. We will talk via a video call about your previous experience and your motivation to join us - do your research! We will also check the culture match which is important to us.



This step is optional and depends on the role that you are applying for. For example, programmers have to pass the Codility test.


Technical Interview

The technical interview usually takes around an hour and a half. A technical recruiter takes a deep dive into your experience and abilities to check whether you’re the right fit for the role. Get ready to talk about how you tackled challenges in previous roles, and give examples of projects you worked on.


Final Interview

The final stage takes about 45 minutes. This is usually with the Head of Department and is much less technical. We would like to find out your motivation, future career plans and tell you a bit more about our teams and our future strategic plans.

How we work at 10Clouds

We work in project teams, which are led by skilled and experienced Project Managers. Teams can choose which technologies to use for given projects. We place a high focus on autonomy and giving individuals the freedom to choose their methods of work. We operate using agile methodologies.

As a company, we use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to plan and track our business and team objectives and individual development goals. This method was developed at Intel, and has been used by many top companies, including Google. At 10Clouds we set our OKRs every quarter.

Our values

At 10Clouds we have six core values that we adhere to in our daily work. They all relate to our ultimate mission to change the world through technology.



    We strive towards showing measurable results in the fields that apply to us, to adapt to ever-changing conditions and to be an example of success.



    We believe that people are an end in themselves and that basic dignity should never be sacrificed. We respect ourselves and others, we are open to many things and we take joy from our work.



    For ourselves, others, the company, its values and our surrounding environment.



    We give our people the responsible freedom to choose how, when and where to work. We operate on shared trust and we don’t micromanage.



    Constant, never-ending technical, intellectual, social, emotional and financial evolution, both personal and professional.



    We strive to create unique value in the form of products, services, processes, design or marketing initiatives. We seek creative solutions to challenges.

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