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10Clouds Partners With Trust Stamp to Continue Working on a Revolutionary Facial Authentication Technology

10Clouds 8 min read

10Clouds is working with Trust Stamp on a revolutionary facial authentication technology, which can put an end to identity frauds. Maciej Cielecki (CEO of 10Clouds) and Gareth Genner (founder of Trust Stamp) talk about how…

Why These Famous Startups Failed and How Can We Learn From Their Mistakes

Rafał Pikuła 6 min read

Undoubtedly, failure is the key to success – all business people would agree with this quotation. Nevertheless, they would surely prefer to learn from other people’s mistakes. If you want to set up your own…

How is it to work with 10Clouds? Check out these videos.

10Clouds 4 min read

Working with 10Clouds is like having a well-organized, scalable internal team that is passionate and committed to achieving your goals. Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s what our clients have to say. 10Clouds…

How to Enhance Company Communications with Slack

Alicja Peszkowska 6 min read

As a person who works remotely, I can tell you: once you open Slack, you are at work, no matter what time or place. On your computer or phone – there’s an app for every…

Will React Native Save You Money? A Word from a Developer

Patryk Mierzejewski 6 min read

React Native is changing the mobile world. There’s no doubt why “Cut costs in half, and everything will work out beautiful and smooth” attracts mobile app owners to cross-platform technologies. But I would like to…

5 Novelties in PostgreSQL 10 That Will Make You a Happier Developer

Jakub Wilkowski 18 min read

In the past few years, we’ve heard a lot about NoSQL databases: Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, Memchached, or DynamoDB, to name a few. Even though they gained a lot of deserved hype, the good old relational…

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Gareth N. Genner Photograph

Gareth N. Genner

Co-Founder of Trust Stamp


We needed a partner who could take on our idea, and make it real. 10Clouds bring so many different skills. We feel that every member that’s involved in the project is a member of our team.