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The Dangers of Digital Healthcare We Can’t Ignore

Bartosz Swiatek 6 min read Blog list image

The rapid advancement in digital healthcare field brings many advantages, but also a few problems that shouldn’t be ignored. Let’s take a closer look at the dangers medical hardware and software can cause and the…

The Weather Forecast: Time for Clouds on the Blockchain

10Clouds 5 min read Blog list image

Blockchain-based cloud services may turn out to be the solution for many problems associated with our privacy and the security of our files. How should a perfect decentralized cloud storage look like and what benefits…

SaaS and GDPR: How GDPR Compliance Will Affect SaaS Providers

10Clouds 6 min read Blog list image

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, compliance deadline is looming. Due to their architecture, SaaS applications are particularly vulnerable. For the companies around the globe that are involved with SaaS, whether as vendors or…

Blockchain: The Universal Remedy For Modern Healthcare

10Clouds 5 min read Blog list image

The blockchain is believed to be the answer to many modern-day issues. Countless evangelists say that almost every single industry may be revolutionized by implementing blockchain technology. Sometimes this point of view seems to be…

Financial Times names 10Clouds as One of Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies

Andrej Shevchenko Head of Marketing at 10Clouds 1 min read Blog list image

The rapid growth experienced by app developers 10Clouds has been recognized through its inclusion in the FT 1000, the Financial Times’ comprehensive ranking of Europe’s fastest-growing companies.

How Vue.js Helped Me Start My Angular Career

Bartosz Bilejczyk Front-end developer 3 min read Blog list image

Technical background is a definite advantage when one learns how to program. If you don’t have it, it may be difficult to learn many concepts and start your journey through JavaScript frameworks with such a…

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Gareth N. Genner

Co-Founder of Trust Stamp


We needed a partner who could take on our idea, and make it real. 10Clouds bring so many different skills. We feel that every member that’s involved in the project is a member of our team.