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Frontend and JavaScript Resources for Back-end Developers

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Will Vue.js Become a Giant Like Angular or React?

Bartosz Bilejczyk Front-end Developer 8 min read

Vue.js is a close partner of Angular and React in more and more article titles, taking the world by a storm. Over the last three months, Vue.js core repo GitHub stars have grown by more…

11 Biggest Takeaways for iOS Developers from WWDC 2017

Michał Januszewski Head of Mobile 5 min read

June 5th was a big day for us, iOS and macOS developers. WWDC, which stands for Worldwide Developers Conference, is the biggest and most important conference organized by Apple. The annual event presents what they…

Design Sprint 101: How to Solve Problems and Test Ideas in 5 Days

Jacek Ziobroń Account Executive 5 min read

In recent years, we’ve seen the rapid growth of empirical-based agile methods in software development process. On the other hand, fans of Lean Startup methodology use the build-measure-learn loop and try to constantly listen what…

How to Switch to Vim Without Ruining Your Workflow

Adam Florczak JavaScript Developer 5 min read

I’ve always been looking for ways to improve my coding workflow. Trying different editors and adjusting the configuration in an attempt at finding that sweet spot. I’d wanted to switch to Vim, but I could…

Empathy in Product Development – Let’s Talk Emotions!

Agnieszka Siedlczyńska UX Designer 6 min read

Cooperation and trust are the foundation of every strong team. To build both, all team members have to understand and accept goals, trust the process, have shared vocabulary and take responsibility for their role. It’s…

How an Interdisciplinary Product Team Can Save a Product

Kamil Kołodziejczyk UX Designer 3 min read

Software is no longer created by separate departments and in a sequential fashion. It’s an ongoing process led by people with various skills and areas of expertise. If you just gather a group of people…