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The Wall of Technical Debt

Ewa Józefkowicz Content Marketing Manager 3 min read Blog list image

We often hear about business leaders’ concerns about technical debt and particularly about how to manage it effectively. We know that just like financial debt, companies need to be wise about incurring tech debt, because,…

The limitless future of AI – an interview with Scott Francis, CTO of Trust Stamp

Ewa Józefkowicz Content Marketing Manager 5 min read Blog list image

Artificial intelligence (which includes machine learning and data science) was founded as an academic discipline as far back as 1956, and ever since evolved at a considerable pace. At 10Clouds, we place an important focus…

The Great Gatsby.js

Józef Piecyk 5 min read Blog list image

Gatsby continues to gain popularity among developers and companies of all sizes. In this article I aim to describe what Gatsby is, what problems it tackles, when it’s worth considering it, and its benefits. About…

Tech Trends for 2020

Ada Wardzała Marketing Team Leader 3 min read Blog list image

Yesterday we attended another TechInsight meeting organized by Deloitte Digital during which business leaders met and discussed the technological trends that will most affect companies in 2020.  Designing successful businesses for the future requires an…

5 Reasons Why Foldable Smartphones Won’t Be a Hit This Year

Michał Pisarski Experienced Tech Writer 7 min read Blog list image

Foldable smartphones are shaping up to become the hottest pieces of tech coming this year. However, they won’t make the iPhones of this world obsolete. We are on the verge of something big, but don’t…

5 UX Trends for 2019 :  Displays Grow Faster Than Our Thumbs!

Agnieszka Cieplinska UX Designer 4 min read Blog list image

From revamped navigation on smartphones to the rise of voice interfaces, 2019 will be a fascinating year in terms of UX. All of the changes we are about to face have one goal: to make…

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Gareth N. Genner Photograph

Gareth N. Genner

Co-Founder of Trust Stamp


We needed a partner who could take on our idea, and make it real. 10Clouds bring so many different skills. We feel that every member that’s involved in the project is a member of our team.