10Clouds goes global. First stop: Atlanta!

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Company Products 2017.02.01

Farewell, timeION. A story of an internally developed product.

Maciej Cielecki 10Clouds CEO 6 min read

The following is a story of timeION, our product that we were developing internally within our software development agency. We share it so you can read and learn from our mistakes.

Company 2016.12.16

Last-minute Holiday gift ideas for geeks [SURVEY]

Kasia Kramnik Content Manager 5 min read

Are you falling behind with your gift shopping? Hey, there’s still one weekend left! Maybe you could use a few tips from our geeky Holiday wishlist. Check out the results of our little Holiday gift…

Company 2016.12.09

Soft skills that will make you a piece of gold to IT recruitment teams

Ula Kalinowska HR Specialist 4 min read

Many people reckon programmers are alienated creatures who spend most of their time on delivering new code. Nowadays, no developer is just a geek sitting in a basement living off pizzas, staying completely out of…

Company 2016.11.02

10Clouds Evolution: Finding perfect balance with Scrum

Adam Ławcewicz Head of Project Management 2 min read

When I joined 10Clouds over two years ago, the company looked completely different compared to its current size and business performance. There were only three Project Managers (including me) working in a very friendly, yet…

Company 2016.09.28

How to win silver at a hackathon with no designers and developers on your team

Jan Ambroziewicz Project Manager 2 min read

There are 3 things about our hackathons that I’d like to emphasize. First, 10Clouds is full of talented people, and Hackdays are a way of appreciating and squeezing out every single drop of organizational, developer…

Company 2016.09.24

10Clouds – let the evolution begin!

Maciej Cielecki 10Clouds CEO 3 min read

There are many stories like this, but this one is ours. In 2009, two Ph.D. students at Warsaw University of Technology – Michał Kłujszo and I – hijacked a study room and converted it into…