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AI LAB is a unit of 10Clouds and its goal is research and development in the field of AI so that we, as 10C, can provide high-quality services.

Developing cutting-edge AI products

10Clouds AI Lab is our innovative division dedicated to crafting and delivering cutting-edge products and pioneering advancements through seamless integrations of Artificial Intelligence. Here, you can validate your AI idea, and our team will ensure rapid, agile delivery of top-tier, fully-realized products or enhancements that resonate with your users.

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Areas of research

Finetuning and training open-source models

Experience advanced AI solutions by refining and training open-source models to perfectly suit your business model.

Advanced multishot prompt engineering techniques

Harness the power of AI with advanced multishot prompt engineering techniques for more robust, intuitive, and interactive user interfaces.

Generative UI

Discover innovative ways to engage with your customers with a generative User Interface powered by AI, offering a unique, personalized experience.

Empathetic educational chatbots

Boost your educational platform with personal bots equipped to simulate human-like empathy, increasing learning engagement and outcomes.

News filtering systems

Stay relevant and informed using AI-powered news filtering systems, customizing your news feeds with what's most important to your business.


Engage your target audience with personalized content, offers, and interactions crafted uniquely for them with AI algorithms.

Automatic code generation

Streamline your development process by automating tedious coding tasks, leading to swift application development and deployment.

Natural language interfaces

Communicate more efficiently with your systems by implementing Natural Language Processing (NLP) interfaces for improved database accessibility.

Automated personalized content generation

Enhance user engagement with automated, personalized content tailored to individual preferences and behaviors to drive retention and conversions.

Centralised AI consoles for ERP systems

Deploy centralized AI consoles for your Enterprise Resource Planning systems to enhance operational efficiency and data accessibility.

AI augmentation of game content generation

Boost your gaming output with AI-augmentation, crafting an immersive, three-dimensional gaming experience for your users.

Automated document analysis

Speed up your data processing with AI-powered automated document analysis, ensuring timely insights and decision-making.

Bring your AI project straight to the market.


AI consultancy, integration and product development

10Clouds AI Lab offers comprehensive AI consultancy, specializing in AI integration and product development. Whether you require a sophisticated data analysis system capable of uncovering groundbreaking insights or a conversational chatbot that seamlessly interacts with your customers, we have the expertise to fulfill your needs.

Meet the 10Clouds AI Lab team

Maciej Cielecki
Maciej Cielecki
Jakub Bilko
Jakub Bilko
Senior JS Developer
Dmytro Levin
Dmytro Levin
AI Consultant


What is AI consultancy?


AI consultancy is a specialized service which involves offering guidance, expertise, and strategic advice to organizations or individuals seeking to leverage AI technologies for their specific needs. Our team works closely with the client to understand their objectives and challenges, assess the feasibility and potential applications of AI, develop tailored AI strategies, and recommend the most suitable AI solutions.

What is AI product idea validation?


AI product idea validation is the process of evaluating the feasibility, potential, and viability of a product concept that incorporates or utilizes Artificial Intelligence. It involves conducting thorough market research, analyzing competition, and assessing the technical feasibility and scalability of the proposed AI product. The goal of AI product idea validation is to determine whether your AI product or feature idea aligns with customer needs, market demand, and business goals.

What is AI integration?


AI integration refers to the process of incorporating Artificial Intelligence technologies, such as ChatGPT, into existing systems, processes, or products. It involves seamlessly merging AI algorithms, models, or tools with existing software, applications, or infrastructure to obtain the unique value that AI provides.

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