When was the last time you were looking for other co-workers? Yesterday? Today? Don’t look any further! timeiON is a work availability scheduling app for team members within a company. It allows users to share their work schedule and track team availability and time off with ease.
The app also simplifies the time off request policy. Now employees can easily work from home, go on vacation, take a day off or call in sick without having to deal with any unnecessary bureaucracy!


As our company started to expand, there were many remote work locations, so it was difficult to find other employees in the office without having information about their current working status. As a software development agency, we decided to solve the problem by building the timeION app. The biggest challenge was to gather all this information in one application which will make communication between co-workers more transparent.


With timeiON, we managed to obtain the perfect balance because we were able to fulfill employees’ demands while keeping the app pleasurable and transparent for everyone. The new branding identity also looks fresh and amazing. The interface aims to make the app more accessible and useful to its users. We’re currently beta testing the app with a list of companies which had a similar problem as we did.


  • New branding
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Web Development
  • Managment

User Experience

Our UX designers always kick off the design phase process and this project was no different.

Throughout the design phase, we focused on closely collaborating with users during a series of face-to-face interviews, which were conducted by representatives from various different departments within 10Clouds.

The primary goals for timeION were three-fold: To create a simplified interface that would respond directly to the needs of coworkers, to launch an intercom that would allow users to provide feedback in real time and to provide visualization for employees’ working statuses.

Web Development

The challenge was to create a system that established employee schedules while taking into consideration the variation in time zones. To solve this challenge—our backend team built REST API using Django, Django Rest Framework and PostgreSQL while our frontend team used AngularJS and Bootstrap. The app is currently web-based but we are planning mobile versions in the future.

User Interface

We needed to create an easy to understand interface for all types of users (employees, managers, tech and non-tech people). The goal was to create an interface people would enjoy and actually want to use instead of being forced to use. To achieve this, we felt the need to include the appropriate communication tools within the app to make the gathering of user feedback (in real time) as easy as possible.

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